1. B

    BSNL broadband giving 10gb data per day @249 pm

    Highlights: 1. Under the new plan, customers can download '10GB per day' data by paying monthly charges of Rs 249 2. The new unlimited wireline broadband service plan will offer 2Mbps speed 3. Users can also make unlimited free calls to any network without any additional...
  2. jackal_79

    Entry level new promotional unlimited BB plans 'Experience Unlimited BB249 w.e.f 09-09-2016

    New Entry Level Plan: http://www.bsnl.co.in/opencms/bsnl/BSNL/services/broadband/entry_level_plan.html S No. Particulars Experience Unlimited Broadband 249 1 Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 2 Mbps till 1 GB, Upto 1 Mbps beyond 2 Applicability All new customers in all the circle...
  3. Cyberghost

    BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1199 to offer 2mbps Unlimited & unlimited local/std calls for Rs. 1199

    Source: Realtime News
  4. saswat23

    BSNL Launches Unlimited 3G Mobile Data Plan for Rs. 1,099

    Sources: BSNL Launches Unlimited 3G Mobile Data Plan for Rs. 1,099 | NDTV Gadgets360.com BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan without Speed Restriction | Launche BSNL gives unlimited 3G plan for Rs 1,099, doubles data limit for existing plans - Times of Indi
  5. BakBob

    Need unlimited broadband in Santa Cruz

    As the title suggests. Can anyone suggest a good ISP with unlimited use in Santa Cruz West Mumbai? Thanks for suggestion!
  6. rickenjus

    Airtel introduces combo STV offering unlimited calling and 4G data in Delhi circle

    Source :laughing_NF::laughing_NF::laughing_NF:
  7. R

    Which is the best broadband provider in karol bagh,central delhi??

    I need atleast 1 mbps unlimited plan and my budget is 500-1k
  8. Charley

    Best Unlimited Broadband in Bangalore

    I have the BSNL 1 mbps till 8 gb post 8gb 512 kbps unlimited plan. It sucks I need a faster plan, like 1 mbps speed with unlimited download and upload. Any suggestions?
  9. C

    unlimited 3g plans for mobile phones and laptops

    Guys I am looking for an unlimited 3g internet plan for my phone and the best I have come across is the one offered by mtnl mumbai.I moved to Trivandrum from Mumbai months back and Ive an mtnl sim through which I activated the unlimited plan worth Rs 1199.Around 150GB worth data can be...
  10. TechnoBOY

    Unlimited Broadband in kerala

    Unlimited Broadband in kerala
  11. TechnoBOY

    Which is the Best Unlimited Broadband in kerala for Rs 1K or above //

    so post ur speed and plan details
  12. TechnoBOY

    help me to choose new connection

    so i need a true unlimited plan , minimum download speed should be abov3 2 mbps so plz help me i need at least 2mbs and i t should be true unlimited i alredy have a land line connection but every body i telling bsnl land line internet is not good so someone help me:-(
  13. P

    Tariff Check - Calling all Siti Broadband 1Mbps unlimited users in Kolkata

    Hello friends I would like to know how much you guys pay for using Siti Broadband 1 Mbps unlimited connection in Kolkata My LCO is charging me Rs 400 extra than the price shown in invoice. But before I confront him with this, I would like to know how much other users are paying So...
  14. adityak469

    MTNL Delhi 1650 Unlimited 3G?

    so my brother just returned from Delhi and brought a MTNL sim with him. I saw some MTNL Plans and was most attracted by 1650 plan. It states unlimited 3G. And on other forums , they say it's without cap! That's awesome! But i didn't find anyone mentioning the ping and the UP speed. Any users...
  15. Tarun Singh

    Which is the Best Unlimited Broadband in Delhi for Rs 1K ?

    Hello Digitans I live in Delhi.Currently I use Huawei E303C with airtel 5 GB 3G plan.Now I am thinking to get an unlimited broadband plan from MTNL.I will use it for downloading BluRay movies and games.Please tell me which plan should I take ? My budget is Rs 1000/month. If you are using...
  16. funskar

    BSNL Launches 1Mbps True Unlimited Broadband Plan at Rs.725

    India’s largest Broadband service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) today announced the launch of two new True Unlimited Broadband plans for Rs.575 and Rs.725 for its customers in Surat SSA of Gujarat circle, providing 512Kbps and 1Mbps download speed respectively. 5 CS21 having...
  17. T

    unlimited non broadband plan

    are there non-broadband( airtel,bsnl,tikona ,etc) options available for good speed unlimited plans?
  18. Limitless

    Broadband Help

    Hi Guys Can you suggest me some good companies which provide unlimited plans My Budget 1100 Location:- Delhi Airtel don't provide unlimited plans anymore currently I'm using 2mbps @ 1000Rs 10GB data which is too less :/
  19. nseries73

    Best BB connection unlimited Kolkata

    Hey guys please help me out here, I need a new BB connection (WIRED) with unlimited plan 1) give me the best name of the ISP's 2) Unlimited plan name/site link (plan upto Rs.550) 3) How much speed will I actually get when downloading (mention the speed on plan with the actual torrent speed) 4)...
  20. avtar2008

    new internet connection for 3 months

    as my college semester is over and i will be at home for next 3 months, i am looking for a temporary internet connection for 3 months. After some googling and research, i am confused among following options: 1. Bsnl evdo @3.1 mbps, rs750 unlimited(no fup), initial cost will be rs1500. 2...
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