1. G

    Importing CPU

    Hey guys, What do you think about importing 2x Intel Xeon E5 2670? They are Sandy Bridge Chips but 8 core. They are selling for 70 USD. I am thinking importing twice will beat everything I can buy here. Let me know your thoughts. Building a 32-Thread Xeon Monster PC for Less Than the...
  2. ico

    Indian grandpa, visiting his son's family in USA, now in hospital, paralyzed after Police beat him

    without any reason. Sad. Grandfather visiting Alabama from India stopped by police while taking walk, left partly paralyzed |
  3. Sankalp Tripathi

    Suggestions needed for buying a good earphone

    budget :- within 1500 rs / Usage :- for laptop as well as Mobile My choice of music is wide. (not trying to be corny :-) ).from Pyassa of Gurudutt sahab to Ghulam ali ,ghazals (i short except 90's ) all are in my playlist.I hear 2 pac to eminem or whiz khalifa.linkin,Pink floyd,Nirvana...
  4. rhyansy

    Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global

    In this update: • Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 • Video trailer & Social Media Promotion • Press Release Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global MSI Beat It Gaming Tournament, tracing back to 2010, is a world famous gaming tournament hosted by MSI. The vision is to create a...
  5. RohanM

    If you can't beat them, buy them; Facebook acquires whatsapp for $19 Billion

    :-? :cry: Source :- If you can't beat them, buy them: Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $16 billion
  6. H

    Beat Hazard Ultra

    I've been playing Beat Hazard Ultra, and i must say, the game is intense. Extreme Metal and Dubstep work really well and allowed me to reach elite in one play through(2-3 hrs).
  7. manik786wani


  8. bubusam13

    Which card should I buy 4890, 5770, 6770

    Hi Guys, I am confused which card should I buy. I dont want to spend much. My PSU is Corsair VX450 HD 4890 is cheaper 1 GB DDR5 256 beat 800 stream processors but directX 10.1 and what about 4870? I am a casual gamer and shortly purchasing a 22" monitor.
  9. A

    Beat this Can any one beat this,This is an unlimited plan @ 99/month @ Delhi.
  10. K

    Need th know oc limits of card

    Can anyone tell me the overclocking limits of an XFX GT240 1GB DDR5 128-bit. But please don't beat around the bush, just state the values, if you know. Thanks.
  11. reddead

    Kinect style experience coming to android

    love kinect's hands free motion gesture control??well its coming to android:grin: XTR3D, a company is developing a app which will enable you to control your phone and play games just by waving at your phone's screen.... now, beat dis APPLE :P SOURCE:Kinect-style gameplay coming to an...
  12. ssk_the_gr8

    Happy Birthday ico and Ron

    Happy birthday to the admin and fellow football fanatic. Hope your friends beat the **** out of you on this joyous occasion :lol:
  13. B

    Can Apple's iOS really beat Google's Android?

    Can Apple's iOS really beat Google's Android? if the iPhone can beat Android as a mobile phone OS. I still don’t think it can in the long run, but a CDMA or dual-band iPhone will certainly give Android a run for its money in the mobile space. However, I’ll gladly take some fragmentation if it...
  14. S

    Cell under 6.5k

    Hey guys.Long time. So I need to buy a phone in a budget of 6.5k,though it can be extended MAX. till 7k.Not more.The ones I have shortlisted are : 1)se w395 2)micromax x505 3)motorola zn300 4)cokkie pep 5)cookie kp500 6)nokia c3 7)micromax q75 8)lg gw300 9)samsung beat twist any...
  15. KDroid

    Checked out gojiyo?

    gojiyo ios really cool check its 3d world yo will love it i think it ill beat facebook
  16. Jaskanwar Singh

    processor doubt

    i would like to clear my biggest doubt- will a core i5 750 beat phenom II x4 965 & 955?
  17. IronCruz

    9600GT vs 8800GT,1468.html?prod%5B2695%5D=on&prod%5B2692%5D=on If we see the above chart, not in a single row 9600gt has beat 8800GT. Is 8800gt better than 9600gt?
  18. Faun

    I heard you got a PM !

    Tell me DFers what is the maximum PM storage you get on other forums :grin: Here is mine : Lets see if someone can beat this !
  19. furious_gamer

    Let me know whether a E5200 will beat E6600?

    Yes guys, i am about to buy a E6600(used) from TE and just want to know whether a E5200 will able to beat E6600? Even though E5200 has half-of-cache of E6600, some guys told me that it easily beats E6600? How come this possible? Will the use of extra 2MB of cache's shown in games? Please clear...
  20. User Name

    New Samsung M7600 Beat DJ

    Samsung M7600 Beat DJ is one of those mobiles that stake everything on a unique and exclusive feature. Designed to stand out, the M7600 takes enhanced music playback capabilities to unprecedented heights. Allowing you to mix your own music right the way you like it, the Beat DJ opens up an empty...
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