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apple selling refurbished ip4 for 22.5k


I am the master of my Fate.
When? where? how the hell is it so cheap? I bet they'll sell like nothing ever has, if its true that is. Need more info.

they are refurbished Iphone 4

refurbished: iphones sent back for repair to apple are succefully repaired(changing inside parts etc)..

but that doesn't mean they are second-hand...:grin:

so,now apple is selling them @22.5k + 1yr warranty from apple.(with bill).
its 10k less than the iphone 4 (available with Aircel & Vodafone)


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
2nd hand stuff, that 2 itna costly ... na ... 10k mein becho Apple. bahut hai.


Hey can anyone tell me where I can get it for this deal...I read about this at many places but haven't got any info about from where exactly I can get this deal!!!!


No way!! Performance wise Apple sucks and those are not good vfm choice. Everybody know it.

you are writing the same thing that every apple basher writes..
performance wise apple is unparalleled. the give consistent performance irrespective of what you do with the phone.. guess you have never used an iphone..
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