1. K

    Need TV for SHOP, 32 inch under 30K.

    1. Budget: Max 30k 2. Display type and size: Under 32 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor: To run a photo slideshow off a USB for 6-8 hours daily. TV should have inbuilt slideshow options/features. 4. Ports Required: 1 HDMI, 1 USB (2 USB preferred) 5. Preferred choice of brand: Sony, Samsung...
  2. J

    Is it worth upgrading Photoshop CS6 To Photoshop CC 2015

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 has been released a year ago. My cousin is running a Photo studio in town, we are discussing about the latest software CC 2015. Is it worth upgrading from Photoshop CC6 to latest version 2015. What would you recommend as being retouching expert. I suggested him not to...
  3. M

    Online website for photo editing

    Hello friends, Is there any website which offer online photo editing of pictures in Photoshop/Lightroom ? Regards, Mandar
  4. bubusam13

    Need printer suggestions for photo printing

    Hi Guys, please suggest me a printer capable of giving good quality photo printout and also having auto duplex printer. A CISS capable printer will be much better. I need for home printing only. Presently I am having Epson TX121. And it is not detecting the magenta cartridge. I replaced with...
  5. Mehul Chauhan

    Best Dslr under 70k (for wedding and events) URGENT

    Please suggest me dslr with both photo and video preferences.
  6. N

    Looking for 27" IPS monitor for photo editing

    Please advise on a good IPS led monitor of 27" for photo editing. Budget is within 30k.
  7. quagmire

    New Google Camera app released in Play Store with Lens Blur and a new UI !

    Here's A Complete Look At All That's Changed In The New Google Camera [Hands-On] [Breaking] Google Releases Stock Camera App To The Play Store [APK Download] Announcement Google's new camera app brings Photo Sphere and Lens Blur to Android devices - - - Updated - - - Recieved update on...
  8. A

    RE: Photo Editing

    How to make Black and White<B/W> photo colourful..... and plz tell the procedure and software to do it (sorry for bad english)
  9. D

    Problem with Facebook

    I uploaded some pictures on my facebook account. Suddenly, I was informed at my connected mail account that one of my friend has shared a photo on On clicking the link View Photo in the email I was redirected to where I found that all those facebook photos got...
  10. sujoyp

    Photo Projects - Practical Approach

    Hello Friends, From last some days I was thinking to start this topic. Actually I love to do different geners of photography like landscape, product, drop, smoke, animal, flower macro etc ...and would never set some specific likes or dislikes for a specific type. Soo I found a book online...
  11. Knight2A4

    Help in setting up my old stereo Speaker with Logitech x-540

    Hello, And Welcome to this tread about setting up my old Plhilips Stereo Speakers to my Computer & replacing my current Speaker. DSC01112 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I have a creative sound blaster 5.1 sound card :( but i do not know anything about joining speaker Specially when it do not...
  12. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY][till 5pm 19th May] Ashampoo Photo Commander 10

    i'll give it a try after staying with Picasa for over 3yrs now. Softpedia Giveaway: Ashampoo Photo Commander 10.
  13. trublu

    Spotted my photo on various online stores. Should I be worried?

    Back in June '12, I had gone on a trip to Coorg. I had just got an F1.8 50mm lens back then, and took a lot of great snaps with it. Two days back, I was uploading one of the pics to Pinterest, and did a Google image search to know the name of the flower. Google returned "Asus K53SM SX130D"...
  14. R

    Good printer for Rs. 7000

    I'm a noob about Printers. I'm planning to buy a Printer for my personal e-books, digital camera pictures and documents printing. Can you guys please suggest a reliable and good quality printer. My budget is 7000/-. Thanks a lot.
  15. A_ashish_A

    [For Sale] N560GTX-M2D1GD5 (single fan)

    1.*Model number and details: N560GTX-M2D1GD5 (single fan) MSI India ? Graphics Card - N560GTX-M2D1GD5 2. *Date of purchase: 10/12/2012 3. *Expected Price: 7500/— 4. *Location of Seller: Dehradun At the moment it is running perfect in my pc. as soon as will receive money from buyer i...
  16. sumit_anand

    Let's go to visit Google Office

    Check out: Google's stunning new office | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! India Finance
  17. sam9s

    sam9s NEXT NAS Project! powered by Synology DS413j!!

    Hi Friends, sam9s is back with another project, this time with a Synology's prebuilt NAS DS413j. Before I move ahead I must tell, I am grateful and blessed that Synology team themselves have trusted me and given me, this opportunity to write a review for one of their elite home NAS products...
  18. F

    Yo Dogs!

    Sup Lads and Laddies. Its obvious that I am new here. I have heard about TDF almost everywhere magazine, games(clan), steam, etc.. Anyways I am here for games and tech info and games and knowledge and games and art and games. I am learning PaintDotNet. Excellent software for photo editing...
  19. Flash

    [Giveaway] Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6

    Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 (formerly known as Xara Xtreme) is a comprehensive photo editing, web graphics-creating, drawing, graphics design and deskop publishing tool. No need to keep a library of apps for your various graphics needs - Xara Photo & Graphic...
  20. D

    need to edit photos..any readymade softwares

    hello digitians i want to edit my photos,using some cool photo effects and frames. im newbie in photoshop i'm learning it now..but i want some readymade stuff where i can just click on apply button and it should change the frame of photo. i came across many website like photofunia and...
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