1. S

    Buying used/refurbished Android phones

    I want to buy a basic secondary smartphone budget as low as possible Main purpose social media, communication & testing Android apps. Normal usage should not lag. Will be better if upgradeable to latest android versions. In sites like Home - TheStockCut ,, refurbished 3GB ram phones...
  2. J

    Refurbished vs Used

    Hello, refurbished branded system vs used CPU + cheap mobo + RAM which would be a better option ? The refurbished mini tower systems online, with i5 3470, around 15k/- INR. Used stuff: according to a local shop, basically its : i3 3rd Gen CPU (used) + Cheap new mobo (Zebronics) + 8GB DDR3 RAM...
  3. wwwescape

    Manufacturer refurbished phones

    Are manufacturer refurbished phones safe to buy? Anyone have any experiences with a manufacturer refurbished phone?
  4. A

    Refurbished laptop from ebay

    Hellk i need a basic laptop for office use.i have two options 1. Iball netbook 10000 rupees 2. Refurbished laptop from ebay.....i was searching anf found lenovo t60 thinkpad for around 8000.Has anyone bought them ever from eBay? are they good
  5. RON28

    Refurbished iphone 4 from Aliexpress

    I want to buy an iphone 4 from aliexpress, but when i saw videos of unboxing of aliexpress iphones, they don't get a "set up your device" window. they directly come to "unlock phone". My doubt is, if the iphone is refurbished, they should remove previous owner's apple id and icloud account...
  6. T

    Should I buy this Alienware 15?

    I am getting a manufacture refurbished Alienware 15 with the following specs from USA for 91k. Would it be a good deal? Is manufacturer refurbished okay for a new laptop and the big question - Will Dell India provide me international warranty on the product? Specs- Dell Alienware 15 4th...
  7. S

    Asus g74sx

    I was looking for a new gaming laptop (desktop replacement) and ASUS G74SX caught my eye. It is available on newegg (refurbished) at about $1000. Is it worth buying? Is it VERY heavy? Thank you!**
  8. ritvij

    [Want to Buy] iPhone 4

    i need an iPhone 4 preferably locked or very less used.. Just like new. Also, i heard that apple is starting to sell refurbished sets at 22k.. where can i get them?
  9. Skynaveen

    [Want to Buy] Apple iPad refurbished or used.

    Just saw a news from IBN that apple started selling refurbished iPad in India for 15000. If anybody knows where to get it from please post. I live in trivandrum(kerala). I am also ready to buy an used one if i dont get this.
  10. S

    Laptop with Backlit Keyboard

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 53k - BACKLIT KEYBOARD is MUST!!!! 2) What size notebook would you prefer? c. Thin and Light; 13" - 14" screen d. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? I am not brand conscious - except...
  11. maverick786us

    Apple Cinema display 27

    How much is the cost of Apple Cinema Display 27 in local market Delhi? Does apple also provides a refurbished version of Cinema display 27?
  12. I

    is iphone 4 for 22500??

    Hi guys, On this months digit magazine, on page 103 its written this way: "22500rs is the asking price for refurbished iphone 4 units" does it mean iphone 4 gona cost 22500? from when? thanks..
  13. S

    apple selling refurbished ip4 for 22.5k

    take a look here Apple iPhone 4 refurbished units will be available in India for Rs 22,500 | Video & Photo Reviews of Gadgets at BGR India
  14. R

    Nikon 70-300mm AF-S VR

    Hi Guys, got a nikon D5100 camera couple of weeks back and was looking for a zoom lens and narrowed it down to 70-300mm VR. New one's seem to be costly around 27k... so planning to go for Refurbished one.. Any place in bangalore/Chennai where i can get those? My budget is around 17k...
  15. sam9s

    HD 5850 needed

    I want an HD5850 (sapphire preferably), even out of warranty would do, it should not be refurbished though .... thats all .......
  16. abhi.eternal

    iPod touch query

    I don't know if this the correct section to post this. If not, mods can move it to the right one ;) Now, my query. My friend is in US and I want him to get me a iPod Touch from there. I was checking the prices in the Apple Store and came across refurbished models. My dilemma is should I go for...
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