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AMD FX-6300 and FX-4300 now available !

AMD should launch FX 6300 in India

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laborare est orare
Hi Guys, as discussed in FX 8350 thread, we are planning to build a strong poll to bring FX 6300 in Indian Market. Currently we are not seeing any PileDriver CPU apart from FX 8350, the top most model, has been made available in Indian Market. So we are taken an initiative for highlighting the features of FX 6300, its price and performance advantages over the currently available CPUs at the same price point.
But we need your support to create a strong poll for it and that is the sole reason for creation of this thread

Although you guys are already aware of the advantages of FX 6300, here goes couple of highlights about it.

Best Multi-Core Processor at sub 10K Price: Currently in Indian market, there is no Multi-core processor available at sub 10K price which offers good Multi tasking capabilities as well as good gaming performance. The absence of Phenom II X4 and specially the 6 Core Phenom II X6 processors like 1075T, 1090T or Phenom II X4 970 has created a vacant place. currently available Bulldozer based FX 6100 actually lags behind the older Phenom II X6 processors and gaming performance is not at all good. Intel offering is a dual core i3 3220 which has started showing its limitations in CPU intensive games like BF3 Multiplayer, Crysis 2, GTA 4 where it cannot keep up because of availability of only 2 physical cores. Also there is no option for tweaking it due to locked Multiplier. It also lacks the advanced instruction sets support like FMA (3 and 4), AVX 2 and AES which makes it a bad choice for creative and productive applications.
On the other hand FX 6300 has all the features and performance missing in the other offerings.

In Multi-threaded applications, FX 6300 is far ahead of any competition at the same price point and in fact ahead of i5 2400 n just behind of 2500K which is almost 6K costlier than it. Also due to support of all the advanced instruction sets like SSE5.1, AMD XOP, FMA3 and FMA4, AVX, AES etc, it offers very good performance in Vector and Encryption benchmarks. Due to all these instruction sets support, future applications will also take advantage of it.

In Floating point performance, it is ahead of FX 6100 and can exceed the performance of Phenom II X6 processors, only trailing behind X6 1100T.

In Gaming performance, although it is slightly behind i3 3220 but that can be easily matched by using high Turbo Boost mode and overclocking. With the stock AMD cooler, it can easily touch 3.8 to 4 GHz, either by stable overclocking or using Turbo Core frequency. Also recent games which shows better scaling in multicore processors like Crysis 2, BF3 single Player and especially the Multiplayer, Civilization, GTA series etc, FX 6300 offers better performance than i3.

So I guess, at a price point around 8K, it simply does not have any competitors.

So vote for it and make this Poll count to bring it in Indian Market.


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Me and Sumon have taken the initiative to convince AMD India for launching FX 6300 in India and already communicated different aspects and advantages of the Processor in Indian market, going through both price and performance scenarios.

Hard, very hard work. Ain't it?

Voted yes simply because we need FX6300 in India (should be ~9K, not 10K though).
If it is priced @~10K, nobody is going to buy it simply because they have the option to buy SB/IB low-end I5s at the same cost.
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laborare est orare
I don't think it is very hard work or something. We just need to show AMD that FX 6300 can have a very good market share if launched in India, in sub 10K price point and Indian buyers are aware about its performance and features.


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Voted and its obviously a yes. :)


Don't forget piledriver cpu's are the replacements of their bulldozer counterparts. Just like fx8350 replaced 8150 at more or less the same price, fx6300 if launched will replace the pricing of 6100 that
translates into sub 8k or maybe even the 7.5k mark. Honestly, pricewise it does not have any competitors at that range except i3 3220. And you know what the obvious choice is.


Corrected, now vote.


Me and Sumon have taken the initiative to convince AMD India for launching FX 6300 in India
you two are awesome!


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acc to the newegg pricing of FX 6300 and the price of FX 8350 FX 6300 should not cost more than 8.2k here ;-)
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