1. D

    Gaming performance on an external HDD

    Guys, Have you tried playing games directly from an external HDD on a PC - especially the latest more demanding titles? How do these run? Is the performance adequate? If yes, which hard disks would you recommend?
  2. Zangetsu

    RAM upgrade worth the money

    Hi Folks! I have a laptop having 16GB DDR4 RAM (8 x 2) running in dual channel mode. There are two empty slots and I was thinking of upgrading it to 32GB DDR4 by buying two x8 GB RAMs. But is it worth the upgrade...will I get a significant boost in performance. if the performance increase is...
  3. M

    Need Advice For Projector

    Respected Admin and Friends I'm a high school teacher. i want to buy a Projector for my school's class work as well for home entertainment. some days in the past i have read a advert. in news paper about some Epson 3d projector but i can't remember its model no. at this time. if you know please...
  4. J

    Best Hard Disk....

    Hello Everybody, Actually I am going to buy PC at home for my personal work.....through Assemble.I don't know exactly which is best Hard Disk Brand And its Performance.Please Let me know.
  5. H

    Want to buy 4 gb ram for laptop urgently

    My laptop Asus A555LF-XX406D .....I wanted to upgrade my laptop by adding 4 gb ram plz suggest me which ram will be compatible with my laptop and which ram will be the best for great performance for my laptop..
  6. M

    Upgrading from ASUS Zenfone 2

    My ASUS Zenfone 2 is broken.Im looking for a new phone within the budget of 15,000. That has good camera,Good performance,casual gaming.. Please suggest me.Is Moto G4 Plus a good choice? Is the design boring?
  7. S

    Need help to buy a new smartphone.

    Hey guys I need to buy a new android smartphone but because of my complicated requirements I have been stuck deliberating and deciding which one I should get. So figured I should seek out advice from here. Here is a list of feature I want in my new mobile phone 1) Have great performance...
  8. S

    i5 6500 vs i5 6600k for gaming?

    Hello guys! So I am planning to build a pc in the next month or two and I was wondering how vital is overclocking for gaming performance and does it really give a major difference? I mean will the i5 6500 stay relevant for another 2-3 years down the line? Additional info - I am planning...
  9. M

    Upgrade from Radeon HD 5750 (with a few constraints)

    Hello, everyone! It's my first post in this forum. After 6 years of brilliant performance, my XFX HD5750 1GB is getting long in the tooth, and so I am looking for a new graphics card. I bought my HD5750 at Rs. 7000, but it seems that in current market, all the cards I can get at Rs. 7000 are...
  10. saikiasunny

    Best CPU Coolers in India

    In this post I will tell you about the Best CPU Coolers in India available in various categories and budgets. The market is filled with CPU coolers ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 20000. But not all of them are worth your income..... So to help you in choosing the best CPU coolers in India, I...
  11. BakBob

    RX480 and Polaris Thread

    AMD unveiled RX480 for $199. Even with our 9024% taxes it should be 20k graphic card that has same performance as a 980 (55k card). What do you think?
  12. M

    Gaming laptop for 95K

    Budget : 95K Primary Task : Gaming. Brand : No brand preference Weight : Not a problem. HARD DISK : 1TB HDD prefered. But can settle for 750 or 500GB if the graphics performance is good compared to other models in same range. SCREEN : 15.6 inch preferred. But can settle for 14inch...
  13. A

    New Gaming Rig Build for 50k

    Posting on behalf of a friend 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:My main purpose for the computed...
  14. H

    urgently need a phone under 7000

    I want a phone having the following : Better battery life Nice camera (specially selfie) Good performance So plz suggest me the phone as fast as possible
  15. S

    Phones having similar audio quality to lenovo vibe k4 note

    Most of the time I play my music out loud, and from the digit review, I see that lenovo vibe k4 note has the great audio performance I've been looking for, both out of the speakers and on earphones. But I'm put off from considering it due to low sunlight legibility and disappointing camera in...
  16. sling-shot

    [NEWS] Sony at MWC 2016 : Sony Xperia X, X Performance and XA

    As most others focus on phablets, Sony showed the 5" market a lot of love with the new Xperia X series. The Xperia X Performance is essentially a Z-phone in disguise. Better even, not even the Z5 has a brushed metal back. This one has it all - waterproofing, stereo speakers, Snapdragon 820...
  17. G

    need 3 iem ....700-700-700 each....asap

    m looking for 3 earphones for friends ....all 3 should less than 700rs.....sound magic es 18 is my 1st choice ....i need best overall performance ...i personally use mi piston 3 i want performance like mi piston 3....plz give suggs asap ....buying sooon ....ty ty ty !!!
  18. S

    CM 120 SI2 (4 IN 1) VS (Deepcool Iceblade 120 mm)x3

    So i need to buy new cabinet fans since my old multi color led fans died. Basic Requirements 1.3 fans for 1k. So i have these two options 1).Cooler Master Silent FAN 120 SI2 (4 in 1) Cooler - Cooler Master : or 2)Deepcool Iceblade 120 mm Transparent Cooling Fan...
  19. rakesh_sharma23

    Kingston UV300 240GB SSD Review

    Kingston UV300 240GB SSD Review Today we are reviewing KINGSTON’s new line of SATA-600 solid-state driver, the Kingston UV300 SSD, featuring the latest generation of SSD NAND storage TLC(triple-level cell)-NAND with a Phison S10 quad-core Controller providing better speed and...
  20. O

    [Query]Ext. HDD- which removal policy better?

    Dear All, I have my 3 TB Seagate ext. hdd. permanently connected to my machine via USB 3.0 port. I use it mostly to store my downloaded files and install games. My query is- if i opt for the 'better performance' option under the removal policy section (pls see image), will there be a...
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