AMD FX-6300 and FX-4300 now available !

AMD should launch FX 6300 in India

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@Cilus + @sumonpathak ---> YES VOTE

My future upgrade will be on this: AMD FX6300 CPU,Socket AM3+ Mobo.,at least 8GB DDR3(1600 MHz) RAM more the better & AMD HD7750 GPU(prefarably single slot design).My wish.

Trinity APU configuration was a choice initially,but for the AM3+ socket configuration,I look upon it as for its RAW POWER...


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NOT FX-6100 ( which is based on BD ) we are here taling about FX-6300 ( PD based ) which is more efficient and better performer than BD based hexa core cpus.


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IT IS NEEDED BADLY! (Have placed order for FX 8350).=====================================================================================
The FX 6300 is the best gaming processor for MIDRANGE builds, just little above core i3 but much better performance. Better at RAR or ZIP file beleive me anyone who uses winrar for 8GB plus files would appreciate it's performance, also video encoding (for encoding those bluray rips of 7-10 GB into divx of 700MB to 1 GB).
1. Price of intel offerings has stagnated or INCREASED eg. on Flipkart the 3570k was raised from 14500/- to 16500/-. (on date price as of writing)
2.the piledriver core fares much better againts the competition sans the power consumption but a 100 watt bulb operated 2-3Hrs daily would increase the monthly unit consumption by 3 UNITS only, so it is affordable.
3. FX 8350 is 12500/- so i think; if this would go around 8500/- it will be a sell out pretty soon.
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Any update on when to expect the processor ?
Is there a chance that processors like FX 8320 or FX 4300 will make it to the market


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may be they are waiting for distributors to clear out the remaining stock of BD cpus first and this may be the excact same reason why there's no APUs avaable aprt from 5800k and 5300.


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i read somewhere that AMD have hell lot of llanos left with them as there was very little gap between llano and trinity release.i guess this the same case with PD processors or else may be they are not producing enough to meet all the demand.


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May i ask AMD, why not to launch it ??

Why would you hold back and drive customer way from you buying intel options ??

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i bet amd will see massive profits in the indian market with this chip


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^^ might be but why the CPU is available in US and Eu countries then ? if AMD has such huge stock of old cpus and don't like to manufacture enough FX-6300s then it would have got soon out of stock on foreign online sites but it's available but not only here. Really surprised !

amruth kiran

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them
the 6100 is actually a decent cpu at half the price of 8350 gives half its performance too i guess


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No, 6100 does have some serious flaws, especially in gaming performance and Single threaded performance. Also the gaming performance is extremely poor, beaten by the older AThlon II X4 quad cores. FX-6300 actually has addressed those issues in some extent. Now it offers at least competitive performance against the older Phenom II 6 cores, slightly better Multi-threaded performance and better gaming performance.

Now in couple of Multi-threaded performance, it touches i5 2500 and always over i5 2400.
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