1. rohitshakti2

    Not able to adjust Dish for DD Direct + channels

    Friends, I have recently installed a new dish for watching DD Direct Free channels. I have aliened the antenna (dish) at 93.5 degree using mobile apk satalite director. I could not take a snap of the dish but have noted it down and the same is replicated in the below snap. This is the looks...
  2. nac

    Suggest DTH...

    I pretty much don't have a clue. I really think, the cable connection we have is good enough. But my folks are insisting to buy a DTH for quite sometime. So hear here goes my hunt for a DTH. We just pay Rs. 100/- and get to see a lot of channels. About 50 regional channels (including, movies...
  3. R

    Dish Recharge Confusion !

    I have a DISH HD STB reciever and a CRT TV. I will update the TV after 3-4 months but now I want to temporarily use with existing TV. I want to know Can I rehcarge a normal SD pack in my HD STB ?
  4. R

    How to Install Dish TV ?

    I have a DISH STB and live in Dubai where service is very limited. Can somebody help me with installation along with materials needed. I have DISH HD STB which I want to connect to my PC. What type of Dish and LNB should I look for in the market. Can I use Existing SD Antenna and LNB ?
  5. Genius-jatt

    9 Satellites: 21E+25E+26E+36E+38E+42E+45E+52E+53E in 75CM Dish

    9 Satellites: 21E+25E+26E+36E+38E+42E+45E+52E+53E in 75CM Dish I am just sharing my Free to Air channels (FTA) for those who like to Hunt some free satellite channels.So it is very hard work and I would appreciate some good Idea's as well Encouragement from your side friends. Friends I caught...
  6. R

    Dish Online For Android?

    Hey guyz I want Dish online APK to install on my phone. I live in the UAE hence it is not possible to install from Google play store as it not available for UAE region. Any links please ? I have market enabler app with rooted phone. So Can I fake Indian IP ? - - - Updated - - - can somebody...
  7. R

    Will AIRTEL DTH work in DUBAI ???

    Hey guyz need ur expertise in here, Although its illegal and risky, i'll be carrying either a DISH DTH STB or AIRTEL DTH STB with me. I have removed the PCB's from the STB and will re-assemble in UAE. My question is whether AIRTEL DTH works in UAE ? anybody has an experience ? I already...
  8. rohitshakti2

    Free to air channel and setup of free Dish for viewing free channels.

    Hi friends I want to know which are the free to air channels in North India and from where can we buy dish for viewing these channels & at what cost? Secondly, please also tell if Aaj Tak TEZ is in the list of free to air channels.
  9. A

    switch from dist tv to videocon

    i want to say bye to dish tv anfd switch to videocon HD,how can i do it. i still have abt Rs 2999.00 in my dish tv acct-when i spoke to dish v they say u can only transfer the amt to another dish tv provided both are same name connections-how should i do videocon better in HD than dish...
  10. S

    Connecting both PC and Dish Tv with Monitor at the same time,possible??

    Is there any way by which i can connect both Dish TV and PC with monitor(dell u2312hm)at the same time and use PIP function for switching both,but connecting both via HDMI,so that good picture quality can be maintained?Is this possible?
  11. Tenida

    Dicing death: The fish more poisonous than cyanide

    Source: BBC NEWS
  12. N

    Is it possible to view international channels?

    I saw on some sites, that using any DTH dish or say a K-band or C-band dish and a set top box, you can tune in to any satellites and receive FTA channels from all over the world. I also saw that it is possible to edit the settings in any of the dth like videocon d2h and then you can get the free...
  13. S

    Sun Direct HD or Airtel HD?

    Hi everyone, first of all is it worth to take an HD Set top box at this time as only few channels are availbale? I was going thorugh websites of tata sky, dish tv, sun, Big TV and airtel. Tata sky does not provide HD services at present in my place, Kerala. Dish TV provides HD only if we...
  14. victor_rambo

    All paneer fans jump in!

    I just luv paneer. Any wedding or function I attend, I almost always lookout for a paneer preparation and icecream when I go to the lunch or dinner area :D Anywayz, today I just discovered that I can convert any gravy dish to a paneer dish without much effort. Here is how you do it: 1. Get some...
  15. abhijit_reddevil

    Query about DTH

    Friends, I have this 32" LG LCD TV (model 32LC7R) which I had bought last june. I had cost me Rs.40000. I had been impressed by the sharp picture quality I had seen at Pantaloons E-zone. The pictures of even Sharp/Hitachi/Sony, etc were no comparison in the 32" LCD TV segment.. I had been using...
  16. Rockstar11

    Dish TV users are you receiving JETIX?

    Dish TV users are you receiving JETIX? On channel 524, it says Toon Disney (Jetix) but I just get a black screen. :mad: :( help... :(
  17. saurabh kakkar

    Which Digital service should i opt ?

    Hi Guys I m fed up of my cable Service Now I want to opt for Digital entertainment service but i m confuse on which one I shud go for 1 IPTV (as i have MTNL BB so I can opt this) 2 Tata Sky 3 Airtel 4 Dish Tv 5 BIG TV plz guide me which among these is best nd economical [:D]...
  18. User Name

    Tata Sky OR Dish TV Which one?

    I am confused. For Which one should i go? Which has better picture and sound quality? and strong signal? Also i heard that DTH providers are now going for MPEG-4 format.So r their Set top boxes support mpeg 4? Whats ur experience regarding the service? I need basic family pack which include...
  19. R

    DTH buying- TataSky OR Dish TV

    I live in rajasthan. I was not satisfied with my cable connection so I got disconnect It last month. I am planning to subscribe a DTH service for about one year but I am still confused about It. Which DTH service should I subscribe -TataSky OR Dish Tv? Should I subscribe now or still I better...
  20. patkim

    Dish TV / Tata Sky and use of TV Tuner Card

    As of now my primary source of watching TV is the TV Tuner Card on my PC for advantages like screen capture, recording etc. I am likely to change from Cable TV to DTH (Dish / Tata Sky etc) Does the Dish TV or Tata Sky has provision to seamlessly plug in to the RF in of the TV Tuner? And if...
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