1. A

    Car air blower

    Pleaseadvice a electric air blower powerful enough to clean my car.dont want a vacuum cleaner as they are useless for this work.budget about Rs 1000.00.thanks
  2. D

    Cheap a$$ cables

    I am tired of replacing cheap quality cables getting down even those with warranty. There are so many useless cables lying around my house. Its 2016 aren't manufacturers supposed to provide quality cables instead of useless features and high resolution.
  3. B

    To make a HDD useless

    Hi guys, My friend has a 10 years old pc. A scrap dealer in my city is giving 4k for any pc, the only condition is that all the parts like ram, hdd etc should be there whether it works or not does not matter. Now my friend wants to give his old pc. How to make the hdd useless without damaging...
  4. tanmaymohan

    JBL Speaker port

    Hello guys I have this 7 years old JBL speaker system. They have a special connector which my old UPS had. Now when I have changed my UPS these are left useless. Can I know what type of connector is this : ? Is there any converter to normal AC/DC plug available.
  5. D


  6. M

    rooting Samsung gts 3653

    i have got a Samsung gts 3653 2 years back, now it was giving problems such as hanging, and use to stop working all of a sudden, so i decided to format it & gave it in Samsung service center for formatting & updating the software. But now the guys in the store are telling that they tried to...
  7. happy17292

    IDE to Sata converter?

    i just bought Gigabyte GA78LMT-S2P which lacks any IDE port :cry: rendering my current IDE DVD writer useless.. is there any chance of running this IDE drive on the new motherboard with SATA ports??
  8. desai_amogh

    cheapest 5.1 soundcard for a laptop

    Hi Guys, My cousin recently got a Creative T6100 5.1 channel speaker. It connects with the laptop only in 2.1 Mode other speakers are just useless with the laptop. Is there a cheap 5.1 ch soundcard for laptops or a any other way to convert the normal stereo output of the laptop into 5.1...
  9. Ron

    Chnage OS Language in Win Xp Pro.

    I got a laptop whose default OS language is CHINESE..I need to change the OS langauge to English. Kindly suggest me possible ways. I tried Googling but was useless. Downloading MUI and changing setting from Regional & Lan didnot worked.. Thnks in Adv
  10. nisargshah95

    Information about some startup programs

    Hi, I've the following programs that startup every time I start my PC [Windows Pro SP3] IgfxTray (igfxtray.exe) Persistence (igfxpers.exe) HotKeysCmds (hkcmd.exe) After going through many forums, I came to know that igfx is a part of Intel Display drivers and is useless. So can I remove...
  11. D

    Guys me in gettin a Sound card

    I've gota 5.1 multimedia speaker logitech x540. and i'm now in a confusion where to go on for a 7.1 sound card or a 5.1 card... my Mb don hav an inbuilt 5.1 sound card..but plannin 2 buy a new 1.. if i get a new 5.1 card will it go useless vn i get a new MB ?? or shall i get a new 7.1 card n...
  12. eggman

    What's your caller tune?

    The title is self explanatory! Mine is a song. Vertigo by U2 (plays from 0:37 to 1:07) I like it cause the hook starts from "HELLO HELLO..." P.S. I know it's a useless thread!
  13. victor_rambo

    All paneer fans jump in!

    I just luv paneer. Any wedding or function I attend, I almost always lookout for a paneer preparation and icecream when I go to the lunch or dinner area :D Anywayz, today I just discovered that I can convert any gravy dish to a paneer dish without much effort. Here is how you do it: 1. Get some...
  14. nvidia

    Its a wonderful internet

    Check this out guys - * Show this to all those people who think the internet is useless. :D:D
  15. mikael_schiffer

    Got Nokia 6233, need stuffs now

    Can you guys tell me where i can get Themes,Games and Softwares for Nokia 6233. It is based on Series40 Symbian 3rd Edition. I saw another post by someone about links to find stuffs for mobile downloads, but apperently most of them were duds and the working links lead to useless stuffs. I...
  16. mobilogist

    Problem with directx9.0c

    hello friends, two days ago i reinstalled need for speed most wanted for my younger brother. the game installed successfully, but when i try to run it, it does'nt starts. it gives me an directx error. i downloaded & installed directx & found it useless as it dont help me out. here is some...
  17. M

    BEST 29" ctv

    Hi ppl my uncle wants to buy new ctv.I am advising him to not to go for lcd,plasma bcoz they r very costly and useless for watching current channels on local cable.Plz suggest good ctv of 29" in range of 15k-20k.thanks..
  18. RaghavKanwal

    Vista Capable Games...

    Hey Can every1 plz reply and tell me all the games that you think can run on vista??? It would really be appreciated as i am tired of downloading useless games..... Personally, 1) Urban terror and 2) Counter Strike Condition Zero worked for me...
  19. D

    Defragmenting drive and then reinstall WINXP

    Does defragmenting the system drive(ie: where windows in installed) and then reinstalling the windows makes the defragmentation useless or it still be defragmented
  20. ring_wraith

    Question about EP-630

    Hey guys. I was going to go buy the EP-630, but I was worried about one thing. The silicon earbuds that you attach onto the headphones do come off, as you know. What if i lose the size i am using? Will i be able to get a spare or are the earphones useless after that? anyone? someone? please?
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