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Absuive Language - Necessity?

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Totally. I mean I can't really be sarcastic in front of a guy who asks me 'why did the lights go?' when lights go off all over hostel, who thinks all the pics on orkut are real pics of the user (including those stupid emo ppl).. Am jst tired of hearing all the stuff around.. you move your leg and someone abuses u.. I banged him 4 times, still never stops it. :| So gave up and now I sit quite.


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I use curse words on inanimate things like non-functional TV remote, a particularly hard PC game etc. But never on other people even if my mind is bursting with thousand curses for that guy.


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Does that help? I'd reckon a pillow fight with your girlfriend.:D
not everyone likes the idea of girlfriend, time and resource waste (else i wouldnt be getting time to foruming too:D)

Russian Roulette is guaranteed to end the dispute :D
I never abuse anyone in real life,though i use words like WTH,WTF etc on IRC,forum etc but i am never serious about all that.I get angry quite often but do control myself.Sometimes i talk rudely with my fellow beings or family members but never intend to hurt anyone and never do i abuse anyone.But its the anger which overcomes me instead i overcoming it which forces me to talk in impolite ways:(


Incidentally, the chances of you killing yourself with russion roulette in a gun with a well oiled(read: working well) mechanism are pretty remote, momentum invariably takes the bullet to the bottom instead of the top


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I would never say I never abused anyone. It depends on the other person and situation. Its ok to abuse/curse if you keep that to you and your friends though I do not support abusing on parents.

Nowadays I am using too much of F word in my life..I am controlling my urge not to use it. Know what once when I was in Chemistry lab with classmates doing some experiment, some water accidently spilled over me and I uttered tht F word in front of my teacher. You 'll never know what my condition was at tht time. :D


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I dont prefer abusin... but would spill out a hell lot if the other person just cant keep a lid on his :D


I resort to abusing only when I think I cant express my emotions well enough.The other way is to do some beating but u know I am not a muscleman and also doesn't know martial arts either.So the safest way is to use some words and I know plenty of them in Malayalam.:D
My english vocabulary:rolleyes:;) isn't that bad either.:D

not required.....i never abuse coz i control my anger.....last time i got angry was in 8th grade.

Are u in 8th grade now?:D
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I remember this movie "Liar Liar" when Jim Carey can't speak lie for 1 day and his son comes to him and says something about his teacher and Jim Carey replies "She is ugly" and his son asks "but you said Beauty is on the inside is what you told me" and he says "Son, that is a lie. Its what ugly people want us to tell to be just polite to them" :p

If you actually think about it, I would agree to what he has to say.. Its rude but its the truth.

So, why did I say this?? :eek: :D This topic is similar to that... for People who are good at irritating others or bashing others with impolite rude so-called bad words... would just dont care and say "you can't that is why you act as if you are civilized"
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