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  1. deepak_ds

    want decent headphones for all round purpose

    i want a pair of headphones which serve me at any ocassion. a mic is optional but not a necessity. will not matter if it's there. range - within 2k.
  2. skr

    Post-processing of photos - inputs, views, discussions.....

    Hi! friends, I have started this thread to discuss the aspect of post-processing of photos. There are certain scenarios where post-processing of photos is a necessity, like for pictures of functions, family gatherings etc. Also where closeups of faces need touch-ups, smoothening etc...
  3. C

    Absuive Language - Necessity?

    Just had fight some days back.. argument with some phyiscal involvement.:D Enjoyed.. Anyways the thing is, is using abusive language a necessity during fight? I mean I don't abuse.. yea I don't coz I feel its cheap. So its like when I was arguing he went on abusing me and abusing and all I had...
  4. °

    Mobile phones for Youth: A necessity or Style statement?

    Well yeah that's the topic. I for one think that it is a necessity as 'we' can stay in touch with our family and friends when alone. It even teaches us the basics of money management. But some people say they are harmful to health. I guess there is some negative point in everything. Style...
  5. rakeshishere

    Photoshop Help

    Instead of using adobe photoshop's inbuilt help feature...Can any1 tell me where u can get some tricks and cool tips for photoshop according to the necessity which will make me some really marvellous work in photoshop coz i just love this software...
  6. K

    wat is 7in1 card reader?

    hi ter, could anyone tell me wat is a 7 in 1 card reader..wat purpose it solves.Is it a necessity....
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