1. A

    Planning for website designing, which is the best platform?

    I want to make e-commerce website for my online business. can anyone guide me which programming language I can go with? Should I take php platform over .net, java?
  2. A

    Importance of ‘C’ language and reasons to use it.

    Importance of ‘C’ language C language is a famous programming language due to its qualities. Some qualities are: 1. It is robust language whose rich setup of built in functions and operator can be used to write any complex program. 2.Program written in C are efficient due to several variety...
  3. AshurainX

    Need help from Lenovo Y500 users.

    I need to clean install the OS on a new hdd and for that I need to download the media creation tool from the microsoft website. The problem is that, I know my laptop had windows 8 single language but i'm not sure if its the "single language with bing" version or the one without bing. Also I need...
  4. Cyberghost

    English as the primary language in India?? Read Inside

    As per title make English as the default language for all states in India, currently in India a person has to learn 3 languages inorder to communicate the people(state language,Hindi and English). But it will be useless if he/she moves into another state. So I suggest to remove Hindi and all...
  5. aal-ok

    Gta sa multiplayer

    can someone please tell me a good gta sa mp server near india in english language preferably role playing with about 60+ players?
  6. A


    I have an English paragraph. now i want to translate it in benlai language is there any offline software . - - - Updated - - - i n bengali language
  7. D

    Want to learn matlab

    I have read recently completed b.e mech and now doing a job. In the free time i want to learn matlab or any other programming language useful in mechanical field. Suggest me some good sites or preferably a book.
  8. D

    Project for computer science engineering

    I am just promoted to 3rd year in CSE and I have to submit a project to college within 10 days. I have not done any training/internship in this summer so does anyone of you have any projects or any source from where i can get a project in Java/PHP or any other language which would be...
  9. D

    The forum language

    I think most of the user in this forum are indians,right?but this forum language is english,why english and not the native indians language?im gald is in english because im Romanian and only language i know other then Romanian are english
  10. Vyom

    New Programming Language, "D" : Combination of Speed of C++ and Simplicity of Modern Language

    Before you dismiss this language as "just another language" I recommend to give the article a read. It sounds promising. Also, I created this article in "Programming" section rather than in News section, because of obvious reason. Link: The Next Big Programming Language You?ve Never Heard Of |...
  11. quagmire

    Guess the Programming Language

    Guess the Programming Language | Tutorialzine How many did you get right? [emoji3] [Mods if you feel this is inappropriate here please move it to the right section]
  12. Desmond

    The BASIC programming language completes 50 years.

    10 let i = 1 20 if i = 50 then print "Happy 50th Anniversary BASIC" else goto 40 30 goto 60 40 i = i + 1 50 goto 20 60 exit run During the times when programming was mainly for engineers and scientists with languages such as FORTRAN and Algol around, BASIC is the first language designed for...
  13. Desmond

    Interactive Online Programming Tutorials Thread

    Anyone learning a new programming language has always had to deal with being overwhelmed by new concepts, programming paradigms and/or language semantics and syntax. Taking it all at once would shut down anyone's mind. However, this thread lists interactive tutorials that will teach you any...
  14. Gollum

    Tutorial to add a Language Pack to Windows 8 and 8.1

    While helping a client a few days back I made this tutorial. I thought I would share this with you too. Tutorial to add Japanese language and font to the PC Open control panel from the start page or search for the same or press [windows/start + F to open the seach] In control panel...
  15. Harsh Pranami

    What to do in semester break???

    Hi friends. I just gave my 3rd semester examinations. I'm pursuing BE in cse. Now I have a long one month holiday before 4th semester begins. I want to utilize my holidays for something useful. I was wondering if I could take some course in java or some other language. My basics in C and C++ are...
  16. bestpain

    softwares for programming

    i am having i5 laptop with 4 gb ram,win7 64 bit....i am currently a btech 1st yr cse student and i am studying c language ,data structure currently ....i want to know is there any compiler available for windows other than turbo c in which i can practice c language ,data structure .....or i am...
  17. aal-ok

    Modern Warfare 1 language pack

    I downloaded COD4 MW but it turned out to be russian, can anybod give me link to english language pack or is there any other solution to the problem.
  18. amjath

    Sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial was a fake

    Sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial was a fake | The Verge WTF, seriously i dont know whom to blame
  19. Harshverma

    Which language to learn ?

    Hello , I am a student of Computer Science Engineering , 1st Year I have a prior knowledge of C , C++ , HTML and CSS. Which language should i prefer first to get better Placement after 4 Years. Java or Python or C# or what.
  20. JGuru

    Java 8 : A sneek preview!!

    Java 8 is trying to "innovate," . This means stealing a lot of things that have typically been handled by other frameworks and languages, then incorporating them into the language or runtime (aka standardization). Ahead of the next release, the Java community is talking about Project Lambda...
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