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Absuive Language - Necessity?

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well,even if we control,it is the other side or even 3rd party that triggers the war of abusing words :D


^ yes, even then, you can join them or you can stand apart and enjoy it by irritating them more.. :D Sorry if I seem to exercise my schadenfraude :p


I've heard stuff from girls that would make the most hardened criminal blush in shame. One comment that sticks in mind had something to do with a large bamboo stick, an ass and a million red ants.


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I normally don't abuse untill the other person pisses me off too much.
Some months ago I was uncontrollable though... But Visiting Digit IRC have some +points..
Am much controlled now cause I've seen some totally rude People coming there once or twice.(Otherwise its a clean place...ahh.. Whatever...:p)


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I hardly abuse in real life.,but do so in my mind :)
If someone fights with me n starts abusing tht he gets to hear twice the amount. I never start on my own!


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@pillainp:I pity you.you are blind with the FUD FOSS opponents does.this happened due to constant nagging of M$haft proponents :p

I pity on you.you are outright against Open Source and Linux.that is the no.1 reason you felt that I use abuse.
see!-this is what I first posted. "Built-in Vista probing tools exposed" -that is,Vi$ta using spy root kits to probe privacy of users.more that 60 to count.but Our dear winblows user cannot tolerate this :rolleyes:
and totally Vi$ta sucks and this cannot be digested by M$ boys.
look at @imav:how he is furiously defending DRM(Digital Restrictions Management)
look,I went defensive when Microkids were trying to prove monopoly is good(M$FT) and poor people and those deprived of getting even a PC for study(not to even own them),have the right to learn.but our dear M$ proponents want to say like-
if you dont have money or if you are poor-go die a horrible death .what a pity?:x
here only Linux and open source comes.it is like democracy for us.

Mr.Pillay -I think you should either join that discussion or Stfu. OK?

and that I use "$" for "s" -it is to denote M$ and their followers always hungry for money-can kill user's freedom or anything to count! :rolleyes:
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^^^..... a constructive argument without abusive words....


except for one lil thing..... ;)


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lol!!!!!!!! I NEVER ABUSED ANY **************................... PEESON IN REAL LIFE AND LIKE I TRY 2 CONTROL MY ANGER A LOT!!![DUn GET Angry Very EAsiLY uNTil SomEone PIsses Me OFF!]


AND AvoId Using OM*g



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I fear that I must announce that praka123 has won this battle.

I now quit the field, leaving him to enjoy the spoils of conquest.

I have violated one of the most important pieces of advice any man must follow, and praka123 has conquered me through vast experience.

For as a wise man once said, "Do not argue with the $tupid, for they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

I fear I am now reaping the sad reward of forgetting that idiom.

The field is yours, praka123, may you live long and pro$per.


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well,I know it is very shocking @pillay.there are people who get shocks when they know that M$ is NOT liked by everyone.especially with their Monopoly.

Mr.Pillay:there is a malayalam saying: "Patteente Vaalu 1000 varsham kozhalil ittalum nere aavilla"(dog,tail,1000 years, in pipe, no straight ;) ) .

this holds true with M$ .they wont learn from experience.they want to kill privacy of users via DRM.with Vista,they even allowed NSA to secure spy probes for USA military to spy other nations critical areas.that too over 60 numbers!.guess what?our Military will be too using vi$ta after the pressure from M$ group.

My biggest problem.Microsoft attacks growing Open Source Movement and GNU/Linux by showing software patent FUD.first they used a dieing UNIX vendor called SCO group to sue Linux for copyright infringement which in turn reverse fired as it is proven wrong and now SCO UNIX is bankrupt.

next,M$ wants to patent everything!they want to prove that Linux infringes patents.
they know that Linux doesn't and for that matter Software patents are used for monopolies sueing each other and software patents hinder invention.

Apple is also on the same track.
Proprietary Operating Systems and big $$$ corporations have made Software world a menace.you cannot be so sure about your coded innovation.because,the same method may be used by the damn devil at redmond for example.that is why software patents sucks bad.
Think again!

As you have said me stupid,what can I say...may be :rolleyes: .but one thing I definitely hate proprietary OS proponents,who dont care for privacy and all :|

ps: FUD stands for Fear,Uncertainty and Doubt -this word is made after IBM and Micro$haft obviously :p search wikipedia ;)


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our Military will be too using vi$ta after the pressure from M$ group.

Well this the dumbest part of a post in this thread....
A Armed force uses Mass produced copy right portected material on their MCA...
no way...and that too INDIA...god never...Yeas maybe in theri day to day activites
and yeas IF only IF they agree to stream line it AND give the source code..and thats not happening...

Indian military ONLY uses Hardware products that are ONLY sanctioned by the DOD and for DOD that work is being done by the DRDO...
I know this because I know 3 not 1 people on various levels their..and they NEVER i REPEAT NEVER used Mass produced software for their "mission crtical areas" ..

NO NATION WORTH THEIR SALT HAS...I never heard that anywhere.

They always use Custom software based on Mainframe and Unix...and DB's are always Oracle or custom DB's
They depend on RTOS....

and I am surprised a OSM follower said this...
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