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  1. N

    Nokia Lumia 800 issues [WP7 issues]

    Hi Here is the problem i am facing with Nokia Lumia 800.. 1. I have a windows live ID , Country : India. You can change it anytime you want. 2. I have a Zune ID , Country : India..You CANT change this. You cant change this.It remains the same what you choose during registration. 3. On...
  2. W

    Need excellent Mp3 Player within 10k

    Hello guys, Am looking for one of the best mp3 players available. I already own Zune HD and its awesome. Now I would like another Mp3 player that needs to be given as a gift. Hence I really want exceptional stuff. My budget is 10k. Don't want zune HD as I am looking for something better...
  3. karthik55859

    where i can find ZUNE HD in india?

    hello every one, i finally decided to buy the zune hd platinum model[32gb]....but i cant able to find any one retailer in india selling that piece....plz give some suggestions regarding to this purchase of zune hd.... one more thing.... by the way...where can i find sony's Premium EX Earbud...
  4. karthik55859

    confused between zune hd & sony X series walkman

    hi every one, coming to the point is that,i am finally selecting any one of these(ZUNE HD) or (sony X series walkman)...but little bit confused in buying among these two of them... my choices and preference are 1.best precision audio quality(because i love music and particularly hear them...
  5. desiibond

    Official nvidia announcement - NVIDIA Tegra Provides The Multimedia Muscle In Zune HD

    SANTA CLARA, CA—AUG. 17, 2009—NVIDIA Corporation today announced that Microsoft’s new Zune HD portable media player is powered by the NVIDIA® Tegra™ processor, which gives it exceptional multimedia capabilities. The Zune HD player, which Microsoft recently announced is available for preorder...
  6. S

    Anybody own zune here?

    Hello does anyone own zune here? Will you share some thoughts on it.. I have ipod and i m considering to buy zune for my gf..
  7. soumya

    Is this the Zune HD?

    Uh. Looks like something is happening -- big time -- in Zune land. We present what might possibly be your first look at, yes... the Zune HD. In the gallery below, you can see images from what appears to be a forthcoming marketing campaign for Microsoft's new PMP. We don't have any word on specs...
  8. T

    Microsoft To Exit the Zune Business?

    According to Microsoft's quarterly filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Zune platform experienced a revenue drop of 54 percent, or $100 million. This compares to relatively healthy sales of the iPod, which were up 3 percent in the same period (though revenue did drop by 16...
  9. The_Devil_Himself

    New year gift by Microsoft,ALL 1st Gen. Zune 30gb dead at exactly 12PM,pacific time.

    and then I got this magic link of a thread in the official zune forums: http://forums.zune.net/403986/ShowPost.aspx apparently all Zune 30gb(and some the gen.2 4\8gb,unconfirmed) just rebotetd and hung up at the loading screen,not responding to any of the key combinations.No official word from...
  10. S

    Microsoft Slashing Zune Prices

  11. iMav

    Zune 3rd Gen Features Expected

    Well along with Apple's event happening tomorrow Microsoft will also be having their event for launching a new range mice. Along with that it is expected that the next gen of Zunes are gonna be announced too. Here is the best part: The new Zunes are expected to have wire-less syn features that...
  12. iamtheone

    what to get from US.....

    as the name suggests....m stcuk over a problem which everyone of us faces at some time..... a relative is going to US nd i havta get something from there.....the budget is 10k coz mah dad'll be paying for it;)....i m thinking of getting a PMP....either an i pod touch or a creative zen vision w...
  13. DigitalDude

    Steve Jobs calls Microsoft Entertainment Division President Robbie Bach a drunk

    CE-Oh no he didn't! Part LIV: Jobs calls Robbie Bach a drunk Source: Engadget LOL http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=78455 _
  14. Choto Cheeta

    An Simple Audio Output Multiplug

    Recently I went out for a little vacation, I took my ZUNE 30 with me… As I was with my cousin brother, and while on a long distance bus ride, seating beside him enjoying the zune, a question came to my mind… Why cant we both enjoy the same music or video ?? Infact there is a nifty little...
  15. G

    Ipod 80 and Zune 80 in Bangalore !

    Hello Guys, I am planning to get myself an MP3 player this weekend.... either a Zune 80 or ipod classic 80 GB. I have the following questions... 1. Is the Zune 80 available anywhere in Bangalore ? 2. Ipod 80 Gb is available at National market here in Bangalore for 10,500/-. I was told...
  16. iMav

    [ZUNE] Zune Social adds gadgets, favorites

    Microsoft today updated its Zune Social service to include new features and fixes for those using the company's new media players. A new feature, called Gadgets, lets users share the information from their Zune profiles on other websites such as forums; like the profile pages themselves, it...
  17. iMav

    [Zune] Bypass 3 Play Rule for Shared Music

    Bypass 3 Play Rule for Shared Music One of the early complaints about the WiFi sharing ability on the Zune was the rule that limits playback to 3 days or 3 plays on shared tracks. The Zune team eliminated the 3 day rule but left the 3 play rule intact with the latest...
  18. Choto Cheeta

    Quick look at Microsoft ZUNE 30GB

    After the initial scare from the Fedex I finally received my Microsoft ZUNE 30GB Video player… Lets take a quick look at the player and its functions…. Qucik Details about the Product The Product : Microsoft Zune 30GB Product URL : Zune 30 Technical Details : Zune 30 Tech Specs Price ...
  19. DigitalDude

    New Zunes get unboxed and reviewed. Plus Zune Customisation Info.

    Read the full story Here: Engadget Also about Zune Originals - Customisation: Engadget _
  20. napster007

    Buy The Zune

    hey guys, i recently heard the massive price drop that microsoft offered on the Zune. i live in delhi and as you know the Zune has not yet launched in india. Anyway is there anyway i can buy it?? how much will it cost?(30gb) ps- i don't have any relatives abroad.(so on one can mail it to...
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