1. I

    Problem in Windows 10 Notification Center!

    Hello friends! I am running Windows 10 Home in my Laptop! From the last 2 days, a popup appears saying - Quickheal Antivirus and Windows Defender are turned off! Turn them On! As I click on that pop-up, a windows opens which shows Quickheal is already turned ON! What could be this...
  2. M

    Need a smartphone under 15,000 Rs/-

    1. Budget? Under 15,000 Rs/- 2. Display type and size? Less than 5" if possible, else up to 5" 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any good brand 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Camera is not that much of a priority 6. Preferred...
  3. M

    Kitkat Update made by Grand 2 sdcard almost useless-File Managers dont work,Torrents Dont Download

    Samsung has pushed its new kitkat update.It comes with this problem -No app can write to external SD Card. So the FileManager cannot write,Cannot Download Torrents to SDCard and nothing works.I have not tested games,but games like Asphalt kind of stores some data is sdcard i suppose. So guys...
  4. S

    Developer Support

    Is developer support a factor for buying a phone? If we take example as Moto G it has a active xda page but phones of companies like micromax, lava,etc doest even have a dedicated xda page... I think developer support is a major factor as, now I own a 2 year old Transformer TF101... Asus left...
  5. sksundram

    Dedicated Indian Smartphone Section on XDA

    Excerpt : In a post in the news section, XDA said that second-highest traffic source for the site is India and it wanted to recognise the work done by Indian developers and users, by creating a dedicated section for Indian phones. “Until now, we’ve admittedly done a poor job of supporting these...
  6. ariftwister

    Weird Problem With Chrome and IE in XDA

    Weird [PHP] Problem With Chrome and IE in XDA When i browse the XDA forum thread, if i click on a thread with php it does not open. * In Chrome-It downloads showthread.php. and nothing happens, if i click again, again another same file downloads. * In IE- I dont know what is the problem...
  7. X

    Living without XDA...

    So I had a tiff with a Mod at XDA. The Nexus4 was a burning hot topic there and I had various questions about it. As I made a few threads on various aspects about the device, I get a PM from a Mod. "This is your last warning. Stop making threads on XDA." I asked him to tone down the attitude...
  8. M

    Installing Live wallpaper on galaxy sl please help...

    I downloaded some live wallpapers from XDA in .apk format. but when I try to install it I get the message" application not installed". I have the default android 2.2 and have not rooted my phone. Please help me about how to use or install live wallpapers from xda in apk format
  9. D

    XDA Forums opens the new "bada" section.

    After a lot of requests from a lot of members, XDA Forums finally opens a section for Samsung's proprietary "bada" os that is present in its Wave series of Phones. here's the LINK. hope to see all the wave owners there. :-)
  10. ionicsachin

    O2 XDA Neo

    I am kinda noob with this. I have bought (in transit) a O2 XDA Neo from shopping.indiatimes.com, will it support airtel network in hyderabad???...and it has Windows Mobile 5, will i be able to use most of the Wm5 applications available??
  11. J

    Linux Mobile OS for O2 XDA [PDA]??

    I ve searched and searched and almost giving up... I have an o2 XDA Stealth which runs on windows mobile OS.. I'm sick of it.. want to run a linux mobile OS on it.. Please let me know if this is possible.. if yes, how to do it and which mobile OS is good?? Searching on google gives me...
  12. T

    Airtel GPRS help needed urgent

    I require GPRS settings for my cell phone - O2 XDA Stealth. Please help me.
  13. A

    Queries regarding O2, EDGE and OSes

    I am deciding to buy an O2...either XDA atom or XDA stealth but I need to know some things from experienced users. How is the after sales service in India...? Should I go for XDA atom where half the ppl are extremely happy and other half is extremely disappointed?. (CNET user reviews)...
  14. J

    O2 XDA IIs Up for sale

    I'm looking to sell my O2 XDA IIs PDA cum Phone. Its got a slide QWERTY keyboard and includes the goodies like bluetooth, wi-fi, sd card slot, etc. The detailed specs can be found on the O2 site. Comes with manuals, box, cd, desktop cradle, carry pouch. So guys i'm looking for something around...
  15. prankie

    Getting O2 Xda ORBIT!!!

    Getting O2 xda orbit within few days from UK.. has anyone used it before?? and where would i find maps for its GPS?
  16. M

    Latest Prices ( mobile phones )

    Latest Prices for mobile phones .(:: source mail fwd ) Wish my frnds cud send such mails instead of the regular mushy-mush crap . 1 NOKIA - N93 Rs.36,500 2 NOKIA - 8800 Rs.36,000 3 O2 Xda Atom Rs.35,000 4 O2 Xda lls Rs.31,000 5 O2 Xda lli Rs.29,000 6 NOKIA - N80 Rs.27,000 7...
  17. rockthegod

    Help Required For XDA O2 Please !!!

    I have a Canon PowerShot S2 IS Digital Camera with 1 GB Sandisk Flash Memory Card. I had many precious photos and Videos in it which I accidentally deleted. Since my camera is not recognized as a Drive under Windows XP, I can't run any File Recovery Software on the Memory Card. So, I tried an...
  18. B

    Battle of the PDA's in my Head

    Hi guyss.. well i am planning to get a PDA but am KINDA CONFUSED WHICH 1 TO GO 4 OR shd i still stick wit GSM mobiles in GSM mobile i hv jst 2 mobiles 2 choose frm: 1. Nokia N80 2. Sony Ericsson W900i in PDA i hv the foll options: O2 Xda Mini S O2 Xda Atom / Exec Dopod 838 Pro...
  19. A

    O2 xda ll srvice center

    guys sorry for this wayaway topic...i urgently need to know if anyone knows O2 xda ll srvice center in mumbai... thanx in advance
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