Dedicated Indian Smartphone Section on XDA


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Excerpt :
In a post in the news section, XDA said that second-highest traffic source for the site is India and it wanted to recognise the work done by Indian developers and users, by creating a dedicated section for Indian phones. “Until now, we’ve admittedly done a poor job of supporting these users. We’ve never had a defined process for adding India-only devices, and when we do add them, we’ve often relegated them to our legacy/low activity template. Often non-supported device discussion gets spread throughout the general forums, which is a problem for forum organization. But more and more, Indian users are becoming valuable members of the community—contributing knowledge, know-how, and excellent development work.”

Full Link : XDA launches dedicated section for Indian Android smartphones - Tech2 Mobile


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This means Indian Devs can now support devices from all the brands such as Micromax and Xolo without keeping them in the "Legacy" section. :doublethumb:
Well, this is good but the onus now will be on Indian members of XDA to justify the section with their work and contribution.


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Well, at least one of the greatest devs out there is from India!!!

All hail the mighty DooMLoRD!!!



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This is a great news for the Indian consumers since now the Indian devices can get a better custom support from the devs. Way to go XDA :-D
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