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  1. r4gs

    Any World of Tankers out here?

    Just getting some feelers out. We're planning to run a World of Tanks contest this weekend and some time next week and will be giving away a whole bunch of prizes. Subject to the response we get of course. So... How many of you guys actually play and would be interested in participating in...
  2. ©mß

    World of Tanks (WoT)

    World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming.net featuring mid-20th century era fighting vehicles. It is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of "premium"...
  3. Hakimtai

    Fake link that appers on google

    Just from some days a links to popular sites like facebook, monster jobs & others are appearing in my search links WOT high lights these links as dangers ... I have scan my system for infections but nothing turned up. Please advice if any one else also is having the same problem or WOT is...
  4. A

    touchpad not workoing

    when i attach charger the touchpad of my laptop(hp g4-2049tx) does not work properly., and it works fine after detaching charger. dont know wot problem arises at d time of power supply..
  5. Cool Comps

    Net Protector - Is this is a good Anti Virus ?

    Well actually i bought the anti virus from md comp so i will probably install it. There shouldnt be anything fishy. idk. i got a cd so den der shouldnt be problems rite. 8-)
  6. Panchu

    Samsung Champ - Any good?

    Hey guys, I watched some ads on the new cheap touch phone from Samsung, the Champ or c3303. It looks good, tiny, adorable with the 3.5mm audio jack at the top and pseudo dual speakers on the front. I have my 3 yr old Samsung SGH E490 and Im looking for an upgrade. Read some reviews and came...
  7. prabhu.wali

    isp change

    m currently usin bsnl 500c++ n it totally sucks m thinking o for opting airtel impatience 899,does it include landline rentals n if any other applicable charges, n wot is the avg download speed??
  8. D

    Sticky psp thread

    I think we should have a sticky psp discussion thread! Wot say guys?
  9. A

    laptop with 9600 gt

    i am looking to buy a lappy with 9600 gt for gaming at max 75k i ws advized hp dv5 1016tx but ws unable to find it on hp wbsite is this notebook really available or is it a discontinued product ? wot about other 9600 gt based notebooks? help me
  10. A

    Ur Dream Mobile Phone......

    If ever u guyz dreamed of a cellphone crammed with features, drop dead luks, ground breakin design n wot nots.....wot wud it be like?!!? herez mine...n a lot practical too...its possible! formfactor undecided, slider or just touch screen oriented keypad.... 3" VGA 16million display...
  11. codred

    DIGIT is not reviewing DELL notebooks!!! Aren't they good enough???

    hi guys, please let me know wot do u think about DELL laptops. i'm sure they aren't so bad at all. i have used a DELL inspiron 1520 notebook of a friend to play high defination games such as NFS Carbon/Most Wanted [to name a few] a lot n i just loved it. its not only graphics but overall...
  12. A

    NTVDM.exe Error!

    oh plz help me guyz..i've got dis silly ntvdm.exe error whenever i open a program called "Cyberroam Server Client". wot do i do, it says "The CPU has generated an illegal instruction..blah blah..." any clues?!!?
  13. I

    torrent,port forwarding help

    hi , i have a mtnl broadband conn. with t-kd 318 eui router, how can i port forward my router? i use bitcomet, and it always shows a yellow light saying blocked (my ip address), wot does it mean? also anyways to speed up torrent downloads will be very appreciated. amit
  14. vinit suri

    24 online help?????????

    can ny one tell me whr i can get the trial version of 24online ...........which is smaller than 380 mb.........plsssssssss help.???:(:(:(:(..also can ne one tell me wot the software does...?????
  15. V


    can i know something about solaris?? my cousin wants to learn how to se solaris and has asked me to dwnld it from net?? is it free?? if so pls tell me where to download it from n wot r the system req. for running solaris??
  16. V

    Vhs To Vcd

    how can i cobvert my vhs cassettes into vcd at home?? wot all is required n wot is the cheapest option.
  17. ax3

    Dvd + & - ! ! !

    whots DVD + & - ? am confused ...... as i went 2 buy a blank DVD & guess wot, shopkeeper asked me + or - ............ i was clean bolwed ........
  18. P

    Google adsense

    hi friends.. if anybody here usign google adsense in ure blogs and working with gud profit cud u plz explain wot r the major pros and consequences abt the policy, wot shud we take care abt of? can we add illegal stuff in our blogs, all private things?? except porn...is that anything...
  19. P

    Wot 2 do with PII.?

    hi friends.. my friend has an old pII 266mhz computer. his motherboard has some power component problem and the hardware technicians told them , tough 2 fix motherboard..so change it. and its also tough to get a motherboard for a p2 in these days. his processor , hdd, fdd, cd drive ram are...
  20. R

    all about overclocking

    hi techies..... overclosking is the new hot topic in the computing world now days???? but many ppl really don know how to do it. or they go n refer some idiotic website for doin it n in the end damage their computer. so i invite all the tecjies here to share their views about overclocking...
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