1. Flash

    Alternatives to WMP?

    What do you guys use for hearing songs in PC, apart from good'ol WMP?
  2. gohan89

    All media players flickering and not playing any songs properly!!!

    I am having this weird problem for many days now. Whenever I am trying to play many mp3 files in WMP 11,it show media changing message and cycles through all songs very fast automatically without playing any one of them.I am unable to play more than one song.The WMP freezes sometimes. I cant...
  3. soumya

    5.1 sound problem from applications..

    I am using the onboard sound chip Realtek for my 5.1 creative speakers. The problem is that when I am going in the control panel, sound options to check the sound, every speaker is giving sound. But when I am using an application like winamp, wmp, or ie for that matter, sound is only coming as...
  4. R

    Alternatives for WMP

    Can anyone tell me some freeware alternatives for Windows Media Player. I know of winamp but are there any others.
  5. bubusam13

    Song id3 tags

    Hi, I am facing a problem. All of the players, be it WMP or MediaMonkey displays the ID3 tag track name in playlist. This create a problem for me. I want them to display the file names. For example : I have AKON Konkrete's song ---> 01 Keep Up.mp3 . The bold portion is the file name that I see...
  6. sujeet2555

    [SOLVED] wmp ,nothing works

    i have window7 with wmp12.all was running good but now i am not able to rate,move,delete mp3s or combine albums like before.i haven't touched any setting inside wmp.
  7. S

    strange problem with windows media player xp

    some strange problem have occurred to windows media player xp,when i try to watch movie on WMP i get black block like in both side of WMP Player, i have attached picture for clearance,this problem doesn't used occurred previously i notice in some days ago,my friend told its due to movie...
  8. Neuron

    Which is your preferred media player?

    As for myself I prefer Windows Media Player.Specially because of the 'Hyperbass' enhancement.Eventhough I'm not really content with the media file management ,WMP provides a better sound experience than the other players I've tried.
  9. R

    Recommended codec for DVD in WMP - XPPro

    Which is the recommended codec for playing DVD in WMP in a XP Prof system? I used Klite earlier and now I have installed XP Codec Pack. Is there any diff between them? After installing XP codec, every time I insert a CD, a dialog box prompting action regarding use of ffdshow comes up? Is...
  10. bravo007

    Plyer for HD movies???

    Hello Friends :lol: Can someone plzz telll me which player to use to play HD movie files on pc ????:?: I tried VLC, GOM, WMP...... but it dosent play properly, it stucks in between :-x
  11. R

    WMP 11 Error

    dear friends, when i open my WMP 11 the following message appears :- "the file wmp.dll has a version of 11.0.5721.5246 where 11.0.5721.5145 was expected wmp is not installed properly and needs to be reinstallers." how doi get rid of the above.
  12. C

    Best 19" or 22" LCD and need price

    Hey Dudes, I am planning to buy an LCD around 12- 14k. Could any one suggest whats the best Lcd monitors under 19" or 22". I have planned to go with View sonic VX 1962 wmp / VX 1932 wm or Hp L1908W. Usage for movies and browsing and developing web apps. Could any one suggest me...
  13. moshel

    WMP got the wrong album info!

    the story goes like this. I bought the original ROck On audio cd, popped it into my DVD drive on my comp, fired up WMP11, selected the CD.... poof.... I see altogether different tracklist, and the artist is David Essex!!! The album name is Rock On. Then i fire up Itunes, select the...
  14. Crysis900

    Help !!!! unknown error!!!!!

    One of my friend is facing a problem with his CD. When ever he tries to execute mp3s from that CD it does nor works. So he copied everything to his PC. Now when he executes the mp3s it shows "parameter error".But other older mp3s run fine. He uses WMP 11.Help!!!. I have never heard off this...
  15. blueshift

    5.1 recording/ripping?

    System is C2D 2.4GHz , Intel G33 motherboard, no gfx or soundcard installed. I have an Audio CD with 5.1 sound compressed(?) and want to create another duplicate CD. Using WMP, it rips to stereo. How can I rip it to all 6 channels?(without using addon cards) Can I copy the image first and...
  16. R

    streaming from WMP

    can some1 give a small tutorial on how to stream using WMP i want to stream to my LAN . ( and not on internet ) i used winamp with shoutcast to do this earlier i had read somewhere that shoutcast is a server that can stream music played by clients like winamp and WMP , but couldnt figure out...
  17. pushkar

    Can't play DVDs in WMP and the KMPlayer

    I got a new SONY NEC Optiarc AD-7200A DVD burner installed in my PC yesterday. The problem is that I am not able to play video DVDs in Windows Media Player (both 10 and 11) and KMPlayer. When I try using WMP, it gives this error message: *img249.imageshack.us/img249/4510/wmpbu7.png In...
  18. clmlbx

    slipstreaming wmp 11 on xp sp3 is ok ?

    I means I slipstream ie 7 and then sp3 .........then wmp 11 so will that be ok .......means is there any wmp 11 update in xp sp3 and then it will degrade .....to it............... Is there any sol. to to slipstream wmp 11 before xp sp3.I use nlite and manual slipstreaming after wmp 11...
  19. K

    problem with windows media player--please help

    hey guys i'm having a pretty irritating problem with windows media player--when i try to run wmp,nothing happens.so i tried to rollback to the old version,it said that rollback was completed and then again i tried to run wmp nothing happened.there is no process running in the background and...
  20. gaurangsaini

    AC3 Filter-WMP11 problem

    Hi all, I'm using WinXP Pro with WMP 11. sometime back, when i played DVDs n other media in WMP 11, the Tools>Options>DVD>Advanced dialog box used to come up with the AC 3 filter Config box. About a week back, i had installed K-lite codec pack(full) to watch AVIs and MP4s properly. The...
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