All media players flickering and not playing any songs properly!!!


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I am having this weird problem for many days now.
Whenever I am trying to play many mp3 files in WMP 11,it show media changing message and cycles through all songs very fast automatically without playing any one of them.I am unable to play more than one song.The WMP freezes sometimes.
I cant even create a playlist,it is constantly moving up and down like lines of programming.I cant really explain it in words.I hope u get the picture.
this is also happening with KMplayer,Media Player Classic,VLC.I am tired of this problem.
This is happening both in Vista and Windows 7 32-bit.


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The files you are tying to play are corrupt or damaged in some way.maybe incomplete download,system crash or a virus


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Most probably a problem as mentioned above

A small alternate is trying Foobar2000. A light weight hasslefree player-
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