1. NeedToKnow

    White patch at the bottom of monitor

    Hello Guys , Recently I am seeing a white patch at the bottom of my monitor , in place of the task bar . The screenshots are ok , so i guess its a problem with the monitor ( Samsung B2030 model , bought it around 2008 ) , can this be rectified ?
  2. mitraark

    LED Strip for PC cabinet lighting

    Just ordered a Corsair Air 240 B) Was planning to add some WHITELED Lighting on top and bottom of the window to show off mah rigz ( yes the i5 760, 8 GB HyperX and 750 ti B) ) Really want it to be white LED, but what I would really prefer is a remote control RGB system :) Theres a...
  3. P

    Want To Buy a Phanteks Case From EBay GEB (Global Easy Buy)

    Hello All. I am assembling my new PC and I want to use Phanteks Enthoo Pro as the chassis. I chose this case over others because it looks good, comes in a gorgeous white color which is perfect for my black and white build, can be built in a lots of ways, is surprisingly quiet cheap for the...
  4. Zangetsu

    The White House gets working Wi-Fi, finally

    The White House had speakerphones from 1985, desktop computers from the 90s, and old black and white printers that printed on only one side of a page. The White House staff used old BlackBerrys Source : The White House gets working Wi-Fi, finally – Tech
  5. K

    AIO printer suggestions needed for 9k

    Hi, I am gonna buy a aio printer,my monthly usage will be 100-150 pages black and white,i was using a Samsung scx-4300, Budget:9k I am confused between inkjet and Laser,please help me out
  6. E

    Black and white filter

    Hi My friends iphone runs on ios 8.3 and he uses the grey filter option from the settings. This makes his iphone screen completely black and white. This helps save a heck lot of battery. Is there any way I can do this using some kind of app on my moto e 2015 running android 5.0.2 BTW I already...
  7. avichandana20000

    2 ton A.C.

    My room is 298 Sq ft not directly exposed to the sun throughout the day but after 3 p.m it hugs sunlight. I am looking for a 2 Ton INVERTER A.C. I have shortlisted the following: LG BSA24IMA Inverter V Split AC (2 Ton, White) Daikin 1.8 Ton Inverter FTKV 60 NRV16 R-32 Split...
  8. G

    Making of Snow Lion

    Hi, to start with this is all about a new build... and am starting this right from the scratch how things really took shape.. The basic idea started with the ASUS Sabertooth Mark S, the arctic camo themed motherboard that they released a few months back. I had a few Sabertooth motherboards...
  9. swiftshashi

    [For Sale] White Samsung Galaxy SIII 16GB for Sale-Scratchless and Impeccable condition,1 Yr Warranty left

    1. Model number and details: Samsung Galaxy SIII,16 GB White-Its in scratchless condition with NO scratches or Imperfections. Its exactly similar to a piece just out of showroom!! 2 months old Flipcover free. Product link-Samsung Galaxy S3 Price in India - Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Marble White 16...
  10. akhilc47

    Laptop screen flickering and horizontal lines problem

    I've a Dell inspiron 15r se laptop which is 1.5 years old( model - 7520). It was working fine until last couple of days. Last week it started giving a horizontal white dot line on the very top of screen( like this ............. in white) for the entire width of the screen. From yesterday or so a...
  11. N

    seasonic s12 ii 620w wony boot

    i have a gigabyte g41m combo mobo xeon x3220 proccy and 4 gb ram..i bought seasonic 620w but it wont boot because of missing -5v white wire. i tried jump start my psu. it work. please guys help to start my pc
  12. reddick

    Unable to access Chrome Webstore

    Hi Friends! I'm using Google Chrome ,mainly, for browsing. Though I've no problem in visiting any site or while downloading, but I'm not able to open/visit the website of https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/apps . Whenever I click the link, the screen turns white and just the mouse...
  13. S

    Driver support for HP

    Got windows 8.1 installed on my hp g6 2301 ax but the fan has been running like crazy ever since. It doesn't get hot but the noise is pretty noticeable even when I am doing nothing else. Also the way-fi button doesn't change color always white. So I was wondering when HP will release bios...
  14. mandarpalshikar

    Individually Sleeved Cables for PSU

    Is there any way we can get sleeving kits and proper tutorials to do the same for PSU. I am looking for Corsair AX850 sleeved kit white. - Professional Series Can I get this in India?
  15. mandarpalshikar

    Stryker setup (old wine in new bottle)

    Hi Guys.. just changed my Cabby to Stryker. Chose this since I wanted to have white one. NZXT was also a choice but then went for Stryker as I liked it pretty much. I'll put in more pictures latter once I am through with installation of Butefenix alchemy White LEDs, my second GPU and some more...
  16. B

    white cold cathode kit in india

    Hi everyone, I have a Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet with a windowed side panel. I would like to put a couple of white cold cathode kit at its edges. However i dont seem to get any websites from which to order online. I intend to ship it to bhubaneswar, Odisha. Please let me know if there...
  17. sam_738844

    Ghost Re-con : Future Soldier "White Wash" Graphics

    I bought this game last week from a local game store, its an original copy, i got it installed and registered on uplay as usual, and after some very annoying patch installation finally was able to play the game. I set the graphics to ultra and got more than 60 FPS, which is very normal. What...
  18. Skyh3ck

    Need Cheap and good Printer 2 to 5k !!!

    Hi friends i have small consultancy business of Income tax and insurance i need to buy a cheap and good printer for my work, it should be as cheap as possible with good color and black and white prints. My budget is 2 to 5k Buying from Mumbai or online if deal is good
  19. G

    Sony Xperia L : Display not working fine

    Hi, I'd bought a new Xperia L on Monday from tradus.in ,it got delivered yesterday .The box was seal packed.After opening it and switching on the phone, there was some problem in the display ,there are some white lines and part of the screen is white :cry:. I'd called the seller and he asked me...
  20. theserpent

    White nexus 4 Goes on sale in India

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