Stryker setup (old wine in new bottle)


Why So Serious ???
Hi Guys.. just changed my Cabby to Stryker. Chose this since I wanted to have white one. NZXT was also a choice but then went for Stryker as I liked it pretty much.
I'll put in more pictures latter once I am through with installation of Butefenix alchemy White LEDs, my second GPU and some more cable mgmt.

For now enjoy these pics -






Why So Serious ???
13k from Ankita Sales Pune. Last piece in stock with them. Now they are quoting 14600 for new one as they'll need to get it from Mumbai and will need to pay LBT.

Storm trooper and stryker are identical. Only slight differences. In trooper you get two models one is with transparent window and another without. Trooper doesn't come in White colour I guess.
Trooper has an esata port on the top panel along with USB ports, stryker doesn't have it. Thats only the major difference.

I preferred stryker because of white colour.
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