1. theserpent

    Jony Ive's iOS 7 To Be "Black, White And Flat All Over"

    A cheap java OS image is coming in my mind now. After steves jobs, Apple is loosing it.IMO,It might give a clean and neat look, but colors look better.
  2. arsenalfan001

    [For Sale] Samsung Galaxy Note II

    The device is sold Hi, I am looking to sell my Samsung Galaxy Note II. The handset was purchased on 1st Jan, 2013 but is used for hardly one week. It is running on official software, not rooted, no custom rom. It is in pristine condition. Comes with all the accessories (Charger / data cable -...
  3. dude1

    Galaxy S4.....BLACK mist or WHITE frost!!

    Guyz, as you all know galaxy s4 is coming to india this week..... Love it or hate it, you cant deny its the most popular phone now..... As it comes in 2 colours namely, Black mist and White frost(yeah samsung has done away with the wicked pebble blue:-D) Was just wondering which colour wud be...
  4. mayoorite

    Confused between Kindle paperwhite vs B&N Nook Glowlight

    Confused between Kindle paperwhite vs B&N Nook Glowlight Hi! I need an eBook reader for reading engineering books,Novels,newspapers,sometimes comics.My budget is Rs 11,000.I searched the web but was really confused between these two 1)Kindle Paperwhite 2) B&N Nook Glowlight. Kindle...
  5. N

    Help me to install GTX 650 Ti

    Hi, I have installed the graphics card however do i need to plug-in both white power cables ? I have already done it but afraid to start the machine... also should i remove the white sticker on top of card ? I hope it does not melt down :) See the image for ref. And which software do you guy...
  6. Champ

    Thinking about buying S3 mini

    Hi Guys, Am thinking about picking a white S3 mini for wife, as phone is not officially available so will be buying from ebay Brand New Original & Sealed Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini 8GB I8190 - White Color | eBay There are cheaper deals available but this seller has sold literally hundreds of phones...
  7. sukesh1090

    [For Sale] Corsair 120mm white LED fans for sale

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Corsair 120mm white LED fans which i got with my 400R cabby. Expected Price: Rs 275/- for each Time of Purchase: 1 year ago(cabinet) Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No(actually i have still left with 1 year...
  8. X

    iPad Mini - Black or white?

    It may sound really simple, but it is jot when you are standing at the store, paying for one.. I will be reading a lot, books, magazines, websites, etc... So which one should i pick? White looks really cool...and I have had all black devices in the past... Would a white b different?
  9. S

    Need White LED 120mm Fans

    I have setup a new rig and my cabinet is 400R. I have also installed 4 CM fans(pack of 4 120mm fans). I want 2 120mm fans with white LEDs. Searched the net but unable to find anything reasonable. Can some one plz give the link or If any one wants to sell it.
  10. X

    HELP !white dots coming on laptop lcd screen ?

    HELLO EVERYONE white dots are coming on the new laptop screen , how to get rid of it?

    White Wired Xbox 360 PC Controller @ 1100

    For Sale ! Product Name: White Wired Xbox 360 PC Controller Price: Rs 1100/- Time of Purchase: Year Ago Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No Reason for Sale: I already have one. Purchase Invoice Available: Not Available...
  12. Professor X

    Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

    Wireless Keyboard & Mouse I am looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for 1000 INR. I would prefer white colour. Thanks in advance. :wink: :bump: Please suggest something. How are the white chinese keyboard and mouse combos? Do they last a year or not?
  13. D

    to purchase mobile before midnight today...help me..

    hi i require a fast buying advice.. xperia u (white yellow) with manufacture warranty @ 13555₹ at homeshop18 superdeals or xperia u with seller warranty (black white) @12300₹(with discount coupon) at ebay from a seller with very good feedback..i prefer black one.i have to choose before midnight...
  14. Faun

    Ek Tha White Tiger - Based on true story

  15. d6bmg

    Corsair 600T White with transparent side panel avaiibility

    Anyone knows whether Corsair 600T White transparent side panel edition is available at Kolkata or not? Or is it available in India? What is the approximate price? I need this case cause it can be carried around with ease and can fit in D14 or H100. exact model: Newegg.com - Corsair...
  16. D

    A white color Android phone below 30K? Please help

    I want to buy a white color phone below 30 K. It's should have a dual core processor, 8 MP camera a very good screen (high ppi). Please can you list out all the models which are white from HTC and Sony Ericson??
  17. saurabh_1e

    Cooler Master 334(white)

    For Sale Cooler Master 334 ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:Elite 334 - Cooler Master Expected Price: Rs 1200/- Time of Purchase: 18-May-2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 0 Months Reason for Sale: Spare Purchase...
  18. J

    Cabinet help

    Hi Guys, Do anyone know what is the current price of Corsair Graphite 600T White Special Edition? and where can i buy it in bangalore?
  19. S

    Cost of a White Board

    Hi Was wondering how much does a White Board cost, need somewhat around 4 feet by 3 feet squarish type.
  20. riders4siam

    Thermal Print Head for Sony UP-DR150

    Hello, a friend of mine gave me his old printer that i've used it for the past decade, now i could see some white line on the printed surface that shows damage in the print head. Here's my question, where could i get the spare print head? and how?
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