1. T

    Troll site - dontevenreply.com

    Now, I don't know if you've heard of this site : E-mails from an ******* The site's owner messes around with people on Craig's list and other online advertising sites and posts the e-mail exchanges between them. It's sheer genius , check it out and let me know. Allow me to post a small sample...
  2. G

    Job Portal name required

    hello everyone.. some months ago there was an advertisement in our Digit Magazine about a Job Portal. The ad was in black & white and the name of the portal was something *** & *** Does anyone remember the name of the portal. I really need to register myself there. Please help.
  3. P

    netbook for 15k

    hi all :) i want to buy a netbook for rs 15000 this week. basically i m searching for a fast and longer lasting netbook. i hv shortlisted two netbooks. 1) HP Mini 110-3730TU PC (Black / White is not available :( ) - 14k from Letsbuy.com with 1k rs coupon code with free 3g data card. 2)...
  4. socrates

    Nokia unveils new NFC enabled Nokia 603 smartphone

    http://technoholik.com/news/mobile/smartphone/nokia-unveils-new-nfc-enabled-nokia-603-smartphone/2448 This what happens when you post at 8.04 AM :D I had heard on some other forum that it would be released in Nov 2011 but only time will tell as usual Nokia has missed the bus. How is this...
  5. K

    Is this Pixel error/defect in my new Asus IPS ? pls help !

    Hello all.., Making this new thread with much haste & anxiety.. Got my new 23" Asus IPS LED panel for 17k just about a week back. I did notice this on the very 1st time I switched ON the monitor but ignored it as I'm completely new to the LCD/LED world.. (been with CRT's for past 18 yrs) What...
  6. P

    Need Advice Regarding Printer

    I want to buy a printer that can scan copy and print. Only laser printer, that can be refillable easily. I want to use that printer in my Cyber cafe. Black and white will be ok. Budget Rs 8000/
  7. P

    Need a Printer. That can Print, Scan and Copy.

    I want to buy a printer that can scan copy and print. Only laser printer, that can be refillable easily. I want to use that printer in my Cyber cafe. Black and white will be ok. Budget Rs 8000/-.
  8. D

    White cabinet?

    It may sound nonintuitive, but I want only white cabinet and I am tired searching for one. The present one has served me well since 2002, but due to my growing demands( large graphics card, extra hdd) needs to be replaced, despite its brand new looks( yes, it is white). Can anyone please suggest...
  9. M

    Samsung galaxy Fit White Warranty left

    Hi guys i am selling sparingly used galaxy fit white one . its almost new and very Negligible scratches at the edges. MRP:11,000 Bought at:10500 Warranty left 10 months closely Ready to ship outside city. Currently at chennai. Expected price:6800+Shipping Box and all accessories available.
  10. KDroid

    Choose the better one.

    I know it's silly to create such a thread but I can't help it. I find the current :P smiley useless. People hardly use it as it does not gives the feel we want to. I even asked to put up the previous :P smiley without the white background in the suggestion box. My suggestion was ignored...
  11. socrates

    Ofcom to allow 'white space' broadband

    Ofcom to allow 'white space' broadband. UK ISPs to get a boost. Ofcom to allow 'white space' broadband | News | TechRadar UK Maybe TRAI should consider something similar here. What do you think?
  12. NitrousNavneet

    LCD color changed

    After Installing My graphics card again. I rebooted my PC and know the MONITOR's Color is Yellowish. All white things are yellow.

    iPad 2: also comes in white?

    Imagine the look on our faces when these pictures of a white second-generation iPad part landed in our inbox. Yes folks, it looks like the new iPad could come in white. That seems strange since Apple could not pull off an iPhone 4 with a white front, but I’m sure they figured out a way. Also...
  14. yomanabhi

    Which color I should go for Nokia??

    Hey guys, I want to buy Nokia 5235, But got confused which color I should go for??. Its available in both the colors i.e "White & Black". Tell me which color is sexy,cool,good and Why??:???: Plz reply!! Guys

    Unconfirmed: White iPhone Delay Caused By Light Leakage

    There is new light on Apple's(AAPL) white iPhone 4 delay mystery. Apparently, the back light from the iPhone display screen is leaking out around the edges of the glass and seeping through the back of the white phone, according to a person familiar with the manufacturing process.
  16. digit i am thinking

    HP camera 'can't see' black faces !

    A YouTube video suggesting that face recognition cameras installed in HP laptops cannot detect black faces has had over one million views. The short movie, uploaded earlier this month, features "Black Desi" and his colleague "White Wanda". When Wanda, a white woman, is in front of the screen...
  17. rhitwick

    Top 10 myths about brain

    Top 10 myths about your brain... Check this out.. Source
  18. D

    is this because of virus ? avira antivir showing no virus

    see the image @ attachment . in the folder file edit format view help is coming white . I dont know why ? is it because of virus ? my avira showing no virus . its updated .:shock:
  19. H

    White Screen

    Hello Frinds am facing problem in my system i have Amd Machine With 512 Ram 40 GbHard disk, the problem is that when i will b using my sys suddenly the screen goes full white, i have tryed of changing the monitor,Ram, but still the the problem is same please help me out of this...........Thanku...
  20. B

    (Gaming mousepad) Steel series QCK heavy steel [Improves aiming and gameplay]

    Steel series QCK heavy steelpad [Improves aiming and gameplay] Follow the link for more details about the mousepad: Select language - SteelSeries Please note: . Please check the original pictures of the mousepad. There are some white light white patches on left side of pad which have...
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