1. AndroidFan

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 phone

    The specifications are excellent. Snapdragon 801 processor 3 GB RAM 64 GB Internal Storage Excellent camera Cyanogen OS Price: 13,500 /- I am planning to buy it in a couple of weeks to replace my wife's Redmi 1S. What do you guys think about this phone?
  2. mikael_schiffer

    2 Modems destroyed by Thunderstorm. How do i protect myself ??

    Past few weeks have been a nightmare in the north east region. With earthquakes and continuous thunderstorms, its a nightmare for anyone who are reliant on computers. As i mentioned in the topic, we have already lost 2 ADSL modems (and one cordless telephone) in the past 2 weeks. One cant...
  3. D

    30k for coding purpose

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Max 30k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Basic coding stuff, nothing fancy. 5) Any typical configuration...
  4. ranjitsd

    Quit bsnl movement

    I'm tired of bsnl and thier lies. They advertised about mininium 2mbps allover over india, they didn't mention 1gb only. Its time to quit bsnl and move on. Changing my internet connection within 2 weeks. Please post your new connection speed test and bsnl speed:-x:-x test. Lets teach BSNL a...
  5. beingGamer

    Forum issue

    Couldn't find any thread to report this. Every time i open any page on this forum the menu covers up 1/3 of the page. Its there since like 2-3 weeks now. Has anyone noticed/fixing it? Its annoying to remove it using developer tool of browser
  6. P

    Project CARS Where to Buy?

    Hi guys i would like to know if anywhere project cars is on pre order Anywhere except for flipkart.com as it is showing realese date as 20 may which is 2 weeks after launch! Plus will the game price go down (its made my an indie devloper) after a few months?
  7. D

    GTA 5 BACKUP ANYONE? Kochi,Kerala

    OK guys anyone from Kochi/Cochin can contact me for GTA5 backup and i have it crash free. Fixed up everything and i have to solution for running it on Dual GPU lappy's with AMD. So hit me up for the game(60-65GB) and i hope to get me some entertainment(serials/movies etc)
  8. Charley

    3g - Idea & Vodafone

    I need 3g (1 mpbs++) plans for my mobile for 2 weeks usage. Any site links for Vodafone & idea?
  9. Ironman

    Bought Moto G just 2 weeks ago !!

    In the Last 2 weeks Phones like zenphone 5 , xiaomi mi 3 , oneplusone etc came out , and i am starting to think i made a huge mistake should i return my moto g to flipkart ? will they take it ? its not even 30 days now (from the date of purchase) and get a zenphone 5 in its place ...
  10. ithehappy

    Nokia Lumia Icon India release, when?

    May I know when the above mentioned device will release in India? It's been out abroad for more than two weeks now, yet there's no news about it's release here. Anyone knows the same?
  11. Blue Ripazah

    the two giants which one to go for ?

    seagate 1 tb or wd 1 tb need to buy in a weeks time . seagate expansion or wd passport.
  12. blademast3r

    [Complaint] [Solved] DO NOT buy Roccat products in India | Update: Replacement done

    Hi all Here is my experience with Roccat support in India. I had purchased Roccat Kave headphones from nextworld. They were faulty and had a constant static noise on the left speakers. I returned them ASAP. It has now been close to 3 weeks. Every 5 days somebody from the service center keeps...
  13. A

    Magazine related question

    I just activated the magazine subscription for 1 year , I have a question though.. Does it really take 6 weeks to process the order and delivery or it happens faster ?
  14. thebanik

    Intel I7 3770K overclocked on MSI Z77-GD80 and MSI 7970 Lightning with Liquid Nitrogen

    So MSI had an Overclocking competition going on, mentioned here because of which started testing MSI motherboards alongwith MSI graphic cards, had a hectic few weeks where nothing seemed to be cooperating but still got some decent results. Shivam was a great support all this while and...
  15. comp@ddict

    Digg bought by betaworks, to relaunch as ReThink Digg on August 1

    As betaworks and Digg both announced on their blogs, we are taking over Digg and turning it back into a startup. What they didn’t mention is that we’re rebuilding it from scratch. In six weeks. As you can see, betaworks after acquiring Digg for $500,000 (hardly a shadow of what it was...
  16. Thunder

    Building A New Rig (ETA 2 Weeks)

    What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Priority will be given to gaming i.e BF3, ACIII, Diablo III...
  17. nbaztec

    Summer Training in Delhi NCR [B.Tech]

    Hey Guys, Need some advice here. I'm supposed to have my 6-8 weeks summer internship this June. Googling for like eternity and as it turns out, all of the bigwigs like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. have clear policies for interns but somehow if I dare change my location to their Indian...
  18. theserpent

    Junglee traffic falling

    Soon,After amazons entry to india through junglee its traffic is said to be falling. Quick snapshot of Junglee traffic 2 weeks after the launch [It's Falling]
  19. R

    Long Lasting Battries

    Apple is said to be working on Laptop/Mobile Hydrogen Fuel Battery which will last for weeks without need of charging. Is this possible to make such battries
  20. ratzee199

    Running out of Disk Space

    Hi, I am facing a problem with my C: for last few weeks. I have a desktop PC with dual booting option-Windows 7 and Windows XP. My Windows XP is in C: and Windows 7 installed in D:. For the last few weeks almost every now and then I am getting an error message such as -C: is out of...
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