Summer Training in Delhi NCR [B.Tech]


Master KOD3R
Hey Guys,

Need some advice here. I'm supposed to have my 6-8 weeks summer internship this June. Googling for like eternity and as it turns out, all of the bigwigs like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. have clear policies for interns but somehow if I dare change my location to their Indian website, there's no such thing. Heck, Adobe doesn't even have an email address I could enquire from. What's worse is that many bigwigs have 12 weeks training while the crappy IP University guidelines say 6-8 weeks. That's a whole month less. If it were a placement thing, I'd be visiting offices; didn't think getting an unpaid internship would be this tedious. :|

So, any of you guys know any firms I could possibly apply for internship or any advice for me, it will be greatly appreciated.

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