1. bkpeerless

    At 20k is MI4 a decent buy.

    I was planning to buy MI4 but am disapointed with the price and it doestn even support external memory. Is it right to go for this device. Or should i go for honor 6. Plz dont ask me to go for oneplus since i didnt get a invite although waiting for 2 month.
  2. akhilc47

    10k phone android/windows

    Hi, my friend is planning to buy a new phone. I suggested him moto g but he's not really sure about spending more than 10k. Can anyone give a link to cheapest online price for moto g? Other than that we were looking at lumia 525 also. It's nearly perfect for him since he's not a heavy user. He...
  3. S

    Best inverter Split AC

    Guys, i want to buy a 1 ton to 1.5 ton inverter series split ac, which company ac is best can u pls share it. i live in kolkata, my room size 12ft / 12ft. Waiting for your reply.... still waiting for your reply.... still waiting for your reply....
  4. srkmish

    Ipad 5/ Ipad mini 2 eagerly waiting

    Eagerly waiting for ipad 5 announcement on 22nd. Hope the rumors are true and it gets the form factor of mini i.e. lightweight . Ipad mini 2 is rumored to get a retina display as well. Anyone else saving up for/ planning to buy either of the 2?
  5. NiGHtfUrY

    Ivy Bridge (I-5-3570k/GB-z77x-ud3h) Temperature issues [Noob fretting here! :( ] Help!

    4 months back i bought a kick ass ivy bridge pc,all thanks to tdf and you guys! :) My configuration is as follows: Processor: INTEL I5-3570K Motherboard: Gigabyte z77x-ud3h RAM : Gskill ripjaws x 4 gb PSU : corsair gs600 Cabinet: Cooler master haf 912 usb 3.0 (with side window)...
  6. gohan89

    Need advise for tablet and smartphone!!!

    I am interested in buying the Sony Xperia SP and the Nexus 7 32GB 3G tablet. I wanted to know when will the LTE/4g version of the Xperia SP be released in the Indian Market and what will its price be? Is 4g really worth waiting for? I saw reports on the internet that the Nexus 7 second...
  7. H

    Waiting for a 1TB SSD below $1 per GB? Crucial says wait no more

    Waiting for a 1TB SSD below $1 per GB? Crucial says wait no more | Ars Technica
  8. D

    smart phone advice

    hey all....imlooking too buy a smartphone and my budget is max 14k....imnot looking for any indian brands and as far as os is concerned.... it should have android os (ics or jb) im not sure what should i opt for...few have suggested to go for xperia sola...im going to be using this mobile for...
  9. N

    suggest me a good 500gb ext hdd

    Hi Guys, i want to buy a 500 gb external hdd for my pc.Please suggest me which one is the best to buy(VFM). Waiting for replies.
  10. S


    Guys....is it worth waiting for TVs based on DDB platform?
  11. Arnab

    Need Help on XFIRING

    Hey mates, I just got PALIT HD 4870 for some days in my hand. Can I Xfire it with by Current HD 5850.. Is IT Possible and Doable? Kindly Tell , waiting for replies Thanks and Cheers!
  12. M

    Ext Hdd's files not visible in normal mode- pls help

    Ext Hdd's folders not visible in normal mode- pls help Experts, when i am connecting ma external hdd(80GB) the contents shows so(attached screen shot) hardly in a wish to get guided to fix ma problem, as lot of precious data contain in the 80gb. the size is perfect, so in hope that, my...
  13. Theodre

    Future Laptop purchase

    I am planning to buy laptop this year end, i delayed it because of the expensive and unavailability of the ultrabooks, I was only looking into ultrabooks but then came AMD with the APU. Since i am a AMD fan makes me think twice now! Will AMD's APU win the war between Intels ultrabook category...
  14. MegaMind

    [Complaint] [Solved] Transcend Service!

    Hey guys, i bought a Transcend 640GB (TS640GSJ25M2) on 20th September 2011 from letsbuy.com. It started giving problems after a month, rarely gets recognized. So i gave it for RMA to Accel frontline services ltd. chennai on 28-oct-2011. Ever since i've been waiting for the replacement. I...
  15. M

    pls help me, my laptop got affected with virus

    Experts, pls help me, that after connecting my friends MMC, my lap showing something strange. that whenever i am connecting internet, it trying to log in to gtalk, and sometimes, my gmail profile name seems "JAMMIE", also while using mails, the window getting refreshed. hardly waiting to...
  16. W

    how to host my own file/video server@ home connected to net

    Hi fellow members, Hope everybody is fine. Ok I have a spare computer, it has a good configuration, but I am not using it much. So I decided to make it a File Server as well as a Video Server, so that users can watch their own uploaded videos/files, etc. Now what I have is a domain name from...
  17. M

    [Want to Buy] SC Canon 7D camera

    Dudes, interested to hear abt Used Canon 7D camera. waiting for best deal. best mobileman
  18. H

    Buying a smartphone 30k

    hi im thinking about buying a smartphone within 30k i just want to know are there any options comparable to the galaxy S 2 i want a phone with a good balance of a pmp, a camera and computing power. Also are there any new releases lined up for the next 1 or 2 months or so which are worth...
  19. D

    Mobile Apllication

    Can aNYone guide me how to create mobile application for nokia series60,,please guide me with full tool set,and refrences.....please guys this is my first post i am waiting for the postive replies from you guys:sad::sad:
  20. D

    A Gaming PC @30000 Max

    I want a decent gaming PC with a max. budget of 30,000 for my friend which shall include all prices including UPS, Graphics card, PSU...etc Will be waiting for replies as it is urgent. Thanks in advance. I live in Kolkata.
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