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  1. D

    thanks to u guys, now w700i is newest member of my life.

    After drama of more than one month, I finally accepted w700i. reason 1 : walkman player good earphone. reason 2 : good looks and new model. reason 3 : I didnt notice much difference in camera of 750 and w700. reason 4 : its value for money. now I have some problem with it. no 1 ...
  2. D

    Thats it today i am buying in evening, suggestions please.

    Its enough waiting, if i think anymore i will go mad. so now todays evening i am buying w700i or k750i , the chances for two are in ration 70:30 respectively. now wy i am not buying w810i cause: 1.i thought wy i should spend 3 or 4 thousand rupees more unnecessary. with no camera cover...
  3. M

    Price for 2gb Memry stick

    Hii, Anybody help get latest Price of Memory Stick Duo for My SE W700i. ??
  4. M

    Airtel offers EDGE in chennai

    hi, Is airtel gives E-GPRS in chennai? if so what is the speed? i am using w700i my speed is around 4-6kbps..
  5. esumitkumar

    Battery prob in W700i

    Hi All I have a W700i but its battery lasts for one day only whether I play FM Radio/Songs or not . Is there a problem in the battery or w700i battery lasts this much only ? Can I get it serviced under warranty ? Thanx
  6. S

    W800i V/S W700i?

    As title : I want to know what is different between both phone and the difference really matter. Once I know is Auto Focus and Flight Mode. If you know other difference please mentioned here and does this difference really matters? Some where I read that with W700i you can not snap Macro Mode...
  7. A

    Sony Ericsson W700i

    Hi guys , I have brought new sony ericsson w700i i need themes for the phones , where can i get high quliaty themes . u have any idea ? Is it a good phone for 11,000 ? Any disadvantages on the phone .
  8. D

    how to use SE w700i as webcam

    is there any way...i can use SE w700i as webcam... plz..if some one know it..plz guide me...
  9. C

    W700i as Bluetooth remote cotrol for PC

    Hi Guys, Has anybody used their SE W700i as a remote for their PC/Laptop and controlled Winamp etc. I have connected my phone with PC. but still unable to use it as remote. I also have installed SE Bluetooth software. waht else to do? Thanks
  10. C

    Few questions on W700i

    Hello Friends, Brought w700i . great phone with rich features. few thing I am unable to get. may be some expert guys here will be able to answer me. 1) I have a logitech bluetooth headset. I got my phone paired but when it rings i only hears a same kind of ringtone in my headset (i didn;t...
  11. S

    SE W700i memory card

    For my SE W700i I can spend RS 1500 for memory card. So for which option I should go , 512 MB branded or 1 GB nonbranded. is 1 GB nonbranded card make the phone very slow. The benchmark score of my pnone is 3920. Plz suggest me
  12. jamyang312

    wanted:good free java games n apps

    can u guys plz post some links to download some good, free java (j2me) games n softwares,, for users of SE w700i,,,,, thanxxx __________ sorry, mods u can lock this thread
  13. jamyang312

    w700i vs 6233

    which one is better overall,,,,?
  14. J

    Lock Code for w700i

    Recently I bought W700i . But now I want to format my Memory Card and it ask for Lock Code. But I dont know the Lock code for this mobile. Is anyone know the original Lock code for this mobile. James james.v@nic.in
  15. blackleopard92

    Mobile Apps for w700i W700i, i.e. java based

    I finally got my moblie today.it's a lovely piece of hardware, called as W700i. I am new to this smartphone business, so can people tell me how can I increase it's effectivenes? u know, things like games, ringtones, and importanty, some necessary applications. egarly waiting for advice :)
  16. P

    Mobile Query!

    hi, i have kept the same question previously in the wrong section of the forum. i want u to suggest me that which of the following is better one . /* my budget is 14,000 rs */ ---------------------- and i think these are the best competers for that cost; k750 -> sony ericsson...
  17. nithinks

    which one is better

    i just want to know that from the following which one is the best one:- k750i - Sony Ericcson w700i - " 6233 - Nokia i hope that i will get the result as soon as possible
  18. crazybutt

    URGENT!!! w700i problem

    i recently purchased my w700i phone...and just now, it has started acting crazy...i was listenin to some music..d keys stopped working and a white light keeps shining periodically...i took out d battery, reinserted...even took out d mem card...but it keeps doing d same thing as soon as i switch...
  19. sridatta

    Sony Ericsson W700i default password

    hi guyz.. i have bought a SE W700i mobile recently and when i browse through the settings.. i was asked to enter the password for certain settings. is there any default password for the mobile?? nyone plzz help me about how to get that password
  20. infra_red_dude

    Sony Ericsson W700i Review

    Sony Ericsson W700i Review **Since nobody has posted a review on W700i I thot I'd post a Review on SE W700i based on my experience wid my phone. Its been a month since I bought the phone. **First the looks and build. I personally feel that this phone looks better than the w800i due to the...
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