URGENT!!! w700i problem

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Broken In
i recently purchased my w700i phone...and just now, it has started acting crazy...i was listenin to some music..d keys stopped working and a white light keeps shining periodically...i took out d battery, reinserted...even took out d mem card...but it keeps doing d same thing as soon as i switch it on



Wise Old Owl
It might be due to the cam shutter prob. Open the shutter and manually quit the cam nd see if the problem persist.


~Bulletproof Monk~
i had a similar prob in k750i
i think ur blututh might be on
try this
insert the batt
remove the memory stick
switch on
backup the mem stick on a pc
do a "fat" format and not the fat 32 one
insert in ur fone
and thats it
my current ngage neo had the same problem of freezing
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