Battery prob in W700i

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Hi All

I have a W700i but its battery lasts for one day only whether I play FM Radio/Songs or not .

Is there a problem in the battery or w700i battery lasts this much only ? Can I get it serviced under warranty ?



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Sony has one of the finest betterys... try charging it overnight for 3-4 days... if it is still a problem go and get that replaced...

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Do you use or play(Not talking about games) with the phone too much. Try using it only for receiving and making calls and sending and receiving SMSs. Note the time of usage. And see what happens. The charge of my k800i used to last only one day also. I also thought of a possible battery problem but later realized that it is my fault. Try it. If doesn't work then replace it. And don't forget to charge it fully before doing this.


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You have to tune the battery first time you use it, to put it in optimized performance mode. Charge the battery to 100%, then use it and discharge it to 0, charge again to 100% - repeat this cycle four times. This would increase the holding capacity. If it still doesn't help, take your piece to Sony Ericsson center.


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i dont think a charger can cause the problem.... n aberfroth is rite.... fully charge the battery then fully discharge the battery the 1st few times... it shd work good then...


do these

1) Decrese the ringtone volume to 4 notch. Increse it if u find it low.

2) Go to Main menu->Settings->Display->Brightness, decrese it to 50%. Unless u r in direct sunlight outside somwhere, 50% is all u will need

Playing with the phone, does not drains the battery this fast.

Follow what aberforth said. It worked with my K750i. I don't even use the wall charger to charge it, I just connect it to the data cable->to the computer, & it charges.

If this all fails, take it to the authorised service centre. Where did u bought it from? I hope it's not counterfait battery, they are common in India


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esumitkumar said:
thanx for suggestions..may be duplicate charger i bought @ 120 rs is causing the prob .. who knows

It could be. Duplicate chargers could hurt you and the phones too if a short circuit occurs.
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