1. S

    Installing Java apps on Sony Ericsson...Help!!!

    need to install certain java applications on my sony Erricson W700i. What are the procedures? help.
  2. S

    W700i + 2 gb + 1 gb cards

    Guys... Im selling my w700i mob which i got 2 years bak.... Its got all the standard accessories + 1 gb card + 2 gb card ( Needed to top up for my music) Its scratched a bit on the surface.. But as far as call clarity and music go, this guy ruckz as new.... Any1??
  3. S

    Length of video in Sony Ericsson w700i

    We are not able to record more than 10 seconds in Sony Ericsson W700i phone... Is there any way to record video of longer duration or is this a limitation in this phone?
  4. R

    My Review of Creative EP-630

    I got Creative's in-ear noice-cancellation earphones from the IT Mall,Lamington Rd.,Mumbai for Rs.975(earphone+an exhaust fan). u'll get them in most shops but the intial price is 1k everywhere then it depends on your bargain skill. For the Test-I conducted the test using my bundled 5300...
  5. D

    Which 1 is best N72 or W700i or K550i???

    Plss suggest me.... I have budget arnd 8k ...srched sum cell fones ..found N72, SE W700i and K550i acc to my budget... but not able to decide which 1 is best??? Please help me... I want good music and camera both. Any suggestion for other fones arnd my budget 8k (but only of Nokia or Sony...
  6. P

    w810 and w700

    Whatz the hardware difference between W810i and w700i.....which one is worth to buy now??
  7. R

    Nokia 6300 vs SE w700i

    which phone should i choose between the nokia 6300 and the sony w700i.....
  8. JohnephSi

    SE w700i internet

    My SE w700i has an internet software for its own . Can i find an upgrade software for it .Waiting for a reply
  9. JohnephSi

    Opera mini

    Is there any browsers available other than opera mini for SE W700i. Plz reply soon .
  10. JohnephSi

    W700i prob?????????????

    I heard that free BSNL GPRS can be connected to W700i through PC only. Plz tell me the steps for it. Waiting the reply:confused:
  11. JohnephSi

    SE W700i

    Is there any mobile antivirus available for my SE W700i. Reply soon . It is urgent. Thanks
  12. phuchungbhutia

    sony w700i sound prob

    i bought my se w700i mob in march there is a prob with its speaker ... it is not loud enough compared to other mob even if i listen to its full it still does not plus it gives out disturbing off bad sounds at high vol .. i dont have any ear piece prob though .. its only with the speaker .. do i...
  13. esumitkumar

    8 months old W700i for sale

    W700 i with 1 GB Card 8 months old .. is for sale .. Quote your prices .
  14. debsuvra

    Equipping W700i with Walkman Player 2.0

    Are there any way to flash the SE W700i with the new walkman player 2.0?:confused: What are the other features that the new player has? Is it lot better than the previous player? For your information I bought the W700i very recently, within a month.:grin:
  15. S

    plz compare them all with +ve n -ve qualities

    nokia 6300 SE w700i SE w810i SE w800i SE k750I thanx
  16. T

    good earphone for n73

    i am kinda of not satisfied with the earfones that i got with my n73 music edition. kindly suggest good earphones with price. i tried my friends earphone that he got with SE walkman cellphone w700i. can those be purchased separately. are there much better ones available. pls reply...
  17. uppalpankaj

    Need help K750i or W700i

    Hi all, I want 2 buy a new cellphone and after a lot of research and considering many phones, I have narrowed my options to two: 1. SE K750i (comes bundled with 64 MB mem and has autofocus) 2. SE W700i (comes bundled with 256 MB and lacks autofocus) Which one should I go for? Please...
  18. esumitkumar

    How to turn off camera sound in W700i ?

    Can anybody ans how to turn off that loud cliccccckkk..sound when taking a pic from W700i danks Sumit
  19. R

    w700i restarts while i browse songs or multi task with music

    friends pls help i just bought w7001 and have 2 gb memory card and this problme is pissing me.my friend has same prob in 256 mn card.pls help. __________ sony w700i
  20. D

    Guys please solve my w700i related queries i have few

    as u know i have got this phone recently and i am having some problems, as i am moving from 6000 to w700i. u know wat i mean, if u can please solve it , i couldnt find solution to these problems in manual. 1 - can i remove memory card while w700 is on. 2 - mega bass is not loud enough...
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