Thats it today i am buying in evening, suggestions please.

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Its enough waiting, if i think anymore i will go mad.

so now todays evening i am buying w700i or k750i , the chances for
two are in ration 70:30 respectively.

now wy i am not buying w810i cause:

1.i thought wy i should spend 3 or 4 thousand rupees more unnecessary.
with no camera cover.

2.w700i has everything that w810i has except edge and autofocus
but edge doesnt mater for me and i can compramise on autofocus.
and at 10.5 its great deal.

3. k750i has great camera, and good mp3 player. but it does not
have great earphone and its old model. But still i could buy this phone.
its great value for money.

so everything boiled down to this, w700,k750i = 70 :30 .
no w810i, i just cant pay extra 3.5k just for edge .

So now please guys give me some suggestions which one w700i or k750i.

please write them before 5 pm. i am buying it in evening.
please also tell me if megabass in k750i is a concern because i heard
that sony has mess with it. and can i recover it by upgrading k750i to
w800i using sofware.

please also tell me if screen of w700i is inferer to k750i or not.
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w700i much better than k750i. Go for it. The mega bass is excellent. And the 2 MP camera takes very crisp pictures. Only autofocus isn't available in w700i. But that isn't a problem. Moreover, with w700i you get 256 MB card included compared to the 64 MB in the other. Above all, w700i is a great walkman.
See the direct comparison between the two phones here
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I'ld advice go for the K750i
U can upgrade the firmware to that of W800i (saw somewhere in this forum itself)

After using the my W800i's autofocusing camera, I feel that a camera without autofocus is not worth. So... autofocus is important for a camera.+1 to K750i.
Regd music quality, K750i is slightly(really low margin) lesser quality than W700i. So almost same points here. I think the only advantage W700i has in terms of music features is a 3.5mm jack

Save the money for a bigger memory card (@least a 1GB fake)
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hey i personally own d k750i but lemme tell u buy the w700i. coz of music player .. earphones and looks.. BTW the camera wont be used anyways.
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