w700i vs 6233

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We Both Have a Mouse!!!
i think 6233 (although not a nokia fan) coz,

qvga display
stereo spkrs
video recording @ 640x480 res

well i am also planing to buy a new fon and i am confused with 6233 and w810i

the vid rec of 6233 and stereo spkrs make me think twice

plz help me out.


Call me Sumit
Frnzz search before u ask the forum....even I had the same q...


I had taken W700i and I am very happy...who is using 3G now ?

Pros :
* Best quality sound .....
*Screen colours very sharp
*Crystal clear pics by 2 MP camera
*can use as walkman only also

* 1 day battery life if u use walkman feature
* cant change radio stns by hands free like nokia ..(very bugging as I listen radio usually in crowded Delhi buses)
* Smaller screen

But overall cell is very good ............no OS freezing like Nokia 6600 ....
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