which one is better

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i just want to know that from the following which one is the best one:-

k750i - Sony Ericcson
w700i - "
6233 - Nokia

i hope that i will get the result as soon as possible
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it depends on how you use the phone.
if you want for mainly camera & music, then go for SE .., and if you using this phone for mainly internet access and others simple purposes 6233 is the best...
i prefer nokia 6233 because it's
1. it's 3G man, be futureproof...
2. it has class 10 EDGE, that means you can use your phone as modem in good speed.
3. it has stereo speakers with 3D effects
4. 240x320 display

but it also lacks some features,
-no front camera
-no flash for camera
-radio is not RDS
-only 6MB internal memory

check features of 6233 and w700i
http://www.gsmarena.com/com pare.php3?idPhone2=1387&idPhone1=1527
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Cool G5 ...r u sure sony provide 512 MB mem stick with K750i as the specs says it has 64 Mb +38 MB(intrenal)
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