Trojan+Worm converted all my files to a weird file. HELP !

My pendrive has more than 1 Gb worth of data. Data including videos, files, focs, mp3s and a backup of Windows Office setup

Last week i took a file from Uni's Psycho dept.I was warned that there are virus aplenty. Well, which govt office computer doesn't have virus ,right? so i went ahead.. Knowing i have Bitdefender and Malwarebytes back home,i inserted my pendrive into the infested machine and took a pdf file.

I came back home, inserted it into my computer. Scanned it, and just as expected, my pendrive was packed with virus. Did a nice cleanup, Bitdefender detected 3 Trojans ans cleaned it. Malwarebyte didnt detect anything.. Thinking the coast is clear i opened my pen drive. And this is what i got--


I did another scan, this is a screenshot of the scanning process


So my files are not YET DESTROYED

i scanned my pendrive in our other PC which uses Microsoft Security Essentials. It detected 3 WORMS. I was like WTF? Kasperesky can detect only Trojans? and wtf Malwarebytes why it didnt detect the Worms? Are Worms not included in the list of malwares?? (faith in Malwarebytes and Kaspersky lost)

------------Anyways, aint got no time to rant--------

My files are still in the pendrive, its there somewhere, i just cant get to it and instead of it all, i am getting this obscure file ""Thumbs.dbF90EB88A" which doesnt even have a trace on google search... Those files are still taking up space (13.4Gb used of 14.9GB) in my pendrive, so i wanna recover them..

Please HALP. All my files...dont wanna lose em.


Type this in cmd window (suppose the pendrive is assigned letter G: )
1. G:
2. attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d
3. Make sure you have made hidden files to be shown from folder options.
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