Need help removing shortcut virus

Hi friends. My computer just got this weird virus from my roommate's lappy. Whenever I plug in any usb drive, all the contents of that usb drive gets hidden and shortcuts are created. Although I can access all the files by using the option 'Show hidden items', but I thinks it's good if that option remains closed. ;) . The problem exists only with removable drives. Files on hard disk are fine.The most frustrating part is that my avira antivirus is fully updated and still it's unable to detect anything suspicious. Please help me.

Vignesh B

Option 1
1. Install an anti-malware like Malwarebytes. Scan using it.

Option 2
1. End Windows VB Script in the task manager and also disable its entry on the startup tab.
2. Find the offending VB script file on the USB drive and search for the same in the drive where the OS is installed. Delete the entries.

PS : You may also need to disable the option "Hide important system files" in the folder options along with showing hidden files.
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