1. rohitshakti2

    Can't run video files on PC downloaded from internet

    Hi<br><br>I have downloaded some videos using utorrent but when i tried to play them, they can't be played but when I play them inside the Utorrent, they play without any problem.<br><br>Please tell where the problem is ?<br><br>regards
  2. B

    What's the recommended settings for uTorrent to utilize full speed?

    I am on a 1.8 mbps connection and sometimes I see that uTorrent isn't utilizing my full speed even when there a lot of seeders! I found yesterday that it should be configured properly. Looked at Preferences under the app but other than the option number of connections and all I don't see much...
  3. ico

    BitTorrent client

    uTorrent is not what it was anymore. They've added bloatware, advertisements and other crap to it. uTorrent 2.2.1 however is still usable and great but I want to make the switch. So, which client do you guys use?
  4. Chetan1991

    [Open] How to set up utorrent so that it downloads via only wifi?

    My broadband was down and used my phone's 3G to laptop for net but forgot to stop torrent download and it ate up all data balance and talktime as well. Is there a way to set up the OS or utorrent so that it downloads only when a certain wifi connection is established?
  5. ramakanta

    uTorrent - Additional settings

    when I want to install uTorrent in my system , there are some Additional settings message displayed . what does it means Add an exception for uTorrent in Windows Firewall. if checked or unchecked what will happened ???. need suggestion ???
  6. ithehappy

    How to synchronize uTorrent for multiple users?

    Say one has two users for Windows 7. User A and user B. Say both user have uTorrent installed in same location, but when User A is downloading a file or have a file added and it's paused at middle, then if User A logs out and User B logs in and open uTorrent then that file is not being shown for...
  7. B

    Uploading photos using Utorrent

    My brother in law lives in another city. I have about 1.5 GBs of photos to share with him. Is it possible to do this using Utorrent? I've already made the torrent, I can send it to him by email (its 62 kb), but when I start seeding it to him during the morning hours when I have free internet...
  8. Desmond

    BareTorrent - an open source torrent client with the simplicity that uTorrent used to have.

    uTorrent is slowly turning into bloat and coming with unnecessary features. So, say hello to a new light weight open source alternative : BareTorrent. baretorrent
  9. N

    Lock utorrent

    Hello friends, here is a wierd problem i have come across at my college. We use utorrent to download files .. but somehow people come and delete the files alltoether. Is there a way of torrent client with LOCK feature in it. Any suggestions are welcome ! thx
  10. sanny16

    how to transfer incomplete download file from utorrent to bittorrent?

    Since utorrent section is closed, i had no other place to post my query so i posted here. I am getting good download speed in bittorrent than utorrent. I have two massive incomplete downloads in utorrent that i want to transfer in bittorrent. Is there any safe way of transferring files without...
  11. sanny16

    increasing speed and dht nodes in utorrent

    Today i have taken new broadband connection which has a static ip address. Before i had MTNL broadband connection whose ip address was obtained automatically i guess. When i was using mtnl connection, that time the download speed in utorrent was good and the dht nodes numbers too without any...
  12. G

    Best Torrent Client

    I've used Ares Galaxy for some months now. (The only one I ever used). It was simple & constantly fast (as fast as my ISP speed) but Its stopped working sometime back & I don't have a clue. I tried uTorrent but its super slow. Too much fluctuations in DL speed. What do you recommend ?
  13. anirbandd

    uTorrent Scheduler not working

    the scheduler setting to stop all activity in the specified period is not working... as a result, it starts downloading whenever i start up uTorrent.. this is a problem for me, because i am on BSNL night unlimited, so downloading at other times will eat up my free usage.. i can move over to...
  14. S

    :-( utorrent issue !!!!

    so i started downloading something using utorrent!!! initially i got good speeds but now it does not go above like 20 kbps. if i download anything using idm , i still get speed above 100 kbps. whats the problem and what can be done about it ???????
  15. Hrishi

    Bizzare Upload Speed in UTorrent.!!

    While Downloading a Torrent , I noticed that there was a sudden spike in Uploading speed in Utorrent. My maximum uploading speed should be around 80-100KBps , but I am wondering why it crossed 2MBPS in utorrent. I don't think a 1mbps internet plan can provide such high upload speed , so what...
  16. A

    Suggest me fastest torrent client

    Suggest me the fastest torrent client for downloading torrent files other than utorrent
  17. N

    utorrent stops downloading

    Hi, I upgraded my system two months back with the below configuration: Processor: Pentium G630 RAM: 12 gb 1333 Mhz Motheboard: Asus P8B75-V Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD7750 I use Windows 7 and Windows XP on my system and I schedule utorrent downloads. But after the system upgrade i see...
  18. KDroid

    Not able to seed Torrents in uTorrent

    Upload Speed : 0.0 kB/S Download Speeds are okay. Client: uTorrent v3.1.3
  19. NitrousNavneet

    Something Better than uTorrent

    I am downloading a movie with uTorrent and getting speed og 1.2-4 kBps While download a song with IDMn (stopped utorrents downl.) I am getting speed of 30-45kBps ... Please Suggest free and a better torrent downloader than utorrent for 64 bit win 7 . Thanks
  20. H

    free download manager help

    hiii i want to know how to stop uploading while downloading torrent from fdm and can i add trackers to it if yes then please help me out. i ugenerally use utorrent but some torrents gives higher speed in fdm so i am using fdm
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