1. rounakr94

    APC bx1100c-in fan spins at wrong time

    Hello, Noticed a weird thing with my ups today. Its fan started spinning outside of the battery backup/post shutdown cooling stage mode. Previously it only spun up when the ups was in backup mode but now intermittently it turns on fan when mains is switched on. This happens intermittently...
  2. A

    Cheap UPS required

    Guys , I have antec vp650 Power supply, GTX 1080 , ryzen 1200, 16 gb ram, 24 inch monitor.. Assume nothing is overclocked. Also have a su kam cosmic inverter. In case of power outage, my pc reboots everytime.. I need to buy a UPS for just a singular purpose , i.e to keep my pc from rebooting...
  3. W

    Corsair CX550 issue with UPS

    I recently got a corsair CX550 psu & for first 4-5 days it worked perfectly but then it started having a strange issue.Whenever there is a power cut & I am playing some video with madvr using 1050Ti(for those who don't know madvr improves picture quality by using gfx card for running its...
  4. A

    Buying a UPS for Desktop

    Hi Guys, I have been using an APC UPS (a very old model) for 7-8 years. It gave backup issues many times and I got the battery changed from APC service centre. Now again it is giving issues and the system doesn't even power on. UPS shows RED LED. I am thinking of throwing it away and getting a...
  5. A

    Suggest the Best UPS under 3k?

    guys please suggest the best ups under 3k and i have been searching alot in online but not satisfied with the reviews. please suggest me some good models
  6. D

    Please suggest UPS model

    Hey guys I'm currently using a APC 700VA UPS which is about 5years old now. The hardware connected to it has evolved over the years and end result now is the system restarts when the power fails if I'm gaming. System doesnt restart during power cuts if I'm not gaming Below mentioned stuff...
  7. A

    Urgent 3 phase ups Required

    Hi everyone, Please help me choose a 3 phase ups for my workplace. The requirement is 20kva or 25kva at max. We are contemplating between apc and Emerson please help me understand what is best for me. The load is roughly 15 kva excluding the centralised aircon. Thanks Aby
  8. ico

    UPS and Active PFC Power Supply compatibility table.

    The electricity which comes to your home, your AC supply is a pure sinusoid wave. But there are two types of UPS in the market: 1) Pure Sinewave UPS: which produce pure sinusoid AC. 2) Stepped Sinewave UPS or Modified Sinewave UPS: which produce an 'approximate' sinusoid AC. Power Factor...
  9. B

    TP Link modem advice****MOST URGENT****

    Dear Friends, I accidentally spilled Limca on my TP Link modem :( What an idiot I am. Can you please suggest a good modem by TP Link? The budget is 1500/- Also is it true that more antennas truly extend the range of the wifi signals? I was planning to build a gaming pc and modem, ups, speakers...
  10. B

    UPS on fire, need advice

    Hi Guys, I have a 8-10 years old Wipro UPS which I use with my xp pc. In my area particularly in summers there are very long electricity cuts, this UPS helped me save work and turn off the pc accordingly. I used to get the batteries replaced after every 2 or so years whenever the battery backup...
  11. I

    The unfortunate case of wrong UPS purchase made due to a series of coincidences...

    Hi, So I am sharing with you the event where I (my family) purchased the inappropriate king of UPS for home PC use: The model sold to us: APC SRC1KUXI (no batteries included) The model I had asked for: BR1000G-IN, because our existing APC BR1100CI-IN had started malfuncioning...
  12. D

    UPS confusion, which one to buy??

    My pc SMPS is a VX 450, and it has an active PFC. I've read a lot of people on multiple sites say that using an active PFC SMPS with a non-pure sine wave UPS is a bad idea, and the UPS will not be able to handle the load unless it is rated quite high. I've been unable to find any pure sine...
  13. akhilc47

    Any Risk Connecting PSU to Surge/Spike protection plugs

    Hi, My wall socket is a bit far from my desk, so I decided to buy a multiplug board with extension cable (3/5 meter). Is it okay to connect UPS to a surge/spike protected plug? Like the ones offered by HP/Philips etc. <Wall Socket>-------<Multiplug>-------<APC-1.1kVA>-----<Monitor+Cabinet...
  14. C

    [For Sale] Selling Assembled Desktop (2500k, Dell U2312HM, APC UPS...)

  15. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] APC 1.1kVA UPS

    Hello, need the UPS mentioned in the title. with or without warranty or/and battery, but in good condition. location is Mumbai. pls send me your offers. thanks.
  16. quicky008

    Need recommendations for a reliable UPS within 2.5k

    I'm currently using a apc back ups es 650-its been working well so far but of late the backup offered by it has reduced drastically-during a powercut it hardly provides 1-2 mins backup even when the load connected to it is quite moderate.It seems the battery in the ups has started to wear out...
  17. S

    Please suggest Inverter or UPS for Gaming PC

    Hi, I have gaming PC and I do most of my work in it. Not much gaming, but I mentioned it as a gaming PC because it draws a lot of power from the wall. I had a 600VA iBall UPS with my old normal PC, after the upgrade to this gaming PC, it didn't work. I am a web programmer, Sometimes I had to...
  18. D

    Clicking sound from UPS

    Guys i have a iBall Nirantar UPS 621V(600VA). Whenever the light goes the UPS start make clicking sound. It clicks very fast "click click click click click click click click click" like that. I bought this UPS few months back from amazon. Is there some defect with the UPS or is it some other...
  19. GhorMaanas

    UPS - APC BR1100-CI v/s BX1100-CI

    Hello everyone, I need a UPS for my PC, which has the following components: - Asus P8Z68 V-pro motherboard - Intel i7 2600k processor - 8GB DDR3 RAM - MSI N580GTX Lightining III GPU (to be changed to either Strix GTX 970 or AMD r9 280 soon) - Asus Xonar DX sound card - Canon Pixma MP280...
  20. furious_gamer

    Problem with 600VA UPS during Gaming!

    Hi guys, So I recently got my hands on a GTX750Ti & VS550. So I removed my age old HD4670 & generic 400W PSU and installed them both. I have this UPS from CyberPower which is rated at 600VA and it works fine even after I installed GTX750Ti. Now I have to tell you guys, that, in my home, we...
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