Please suggest Inverter or UPS for Gaming PC


Hi, I have gaming PC and I do most of my work in it. Not much gaming, but I mentioned it as a gaming PC because it draws a lot of power from the wall. I had a 600VA iBall UPS with my old normal PC, after the upgrade to this gaming PC, it didn't work.
I am a web programmer, Sometimes I had to work hours without break. So I need backup for more than 6 hours.
We dont have power outage here for now, I am from Kerala, and power outage is expected during the next few months.

I have contacted a inverter dealer, and said I will get an inverter with battery for 18-20K which can give 8 hour backup- is it true ?

The PC has a 430W SMPS (SeaSonic S12II 430W 80 PLUS BRONZE)
24" LED
1x modem
and other usual stuff
No printer/scanner

I will only be using basic stuff, no Gaming or GPU intensive stuff in the UPS mode.

I am confused if I should buy a laptop @ 15K with 7+ hours of battery backup or spend more and get a Home UPS only to power the PC.

All I want is to have internet and a PC which can run a browser with multiple tabs open.


Sony " VA" "IO"
With a laptop you couldn't run fans and lights while browsing

I have a similar config with same Proccy, and I have never measured the backup time but it seems to be around ~4 hrs (not sure as 32" LCD TV, 3x T5 Lights,~1x Fans run at the same time) on an 800VA inverter with 150Ah tubular battery

but yes you can pull that time if you use only PC. Please correct me if the formula is wrong

12v * 150 Ah * 0.90 (power factor)
------------------------------------ = 10.8 hrs (approx)
150 Watts (pc load)
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