1. Empirial

    Need Help in Buying UPS

    Hi, I'm looking forward to buy a UPS for my LED TV (85W) & DVR (48W). It should be able to give back up for atleast an hour during power cuts. I'm interested in Zebronics ZEB-U1200 which is available for around 3.5k online. The problem is that in the specsheet of U1200, Backup time (One PC...
  2. D

    Inverter (Urgent)

    For PC (500W PSU + Dell ST2220L monitor + belkin N150) and 4 CFL around 30W, pure sine wave with UPS mode (cos not using PC UPS anymore) What is the required VA/W rating for Inverter, battery for backup minimum 2hrs
  3. D

    Is it safe to run my computer without UPS?

    temporarily till I get a new UPS or get Sine wave inverter With belkin surge protector and VGuard VG50 stabilizer
  4. kg11sgbg

    How about this UPS : Champion 800vA ? Is it reliable?

    The Champion 800vA UPS made by Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd. based on Pune,looks quite decent and promising. How much reliable and safe bet is it for a purchase?
  5. P

    APC BackUPS 600VA Warranty Claim

    I need to raise a warranty claim with APC for a UPS which has suddenly started acting strange The red light keeps glowing with beeps when there is load on the UPS. I am guessing this was meant for Overload Protection. With very light loads I get them. The UPS is not able to even power a Set...
  6. RageshAntony

    Suggest a good UPS ?

    Suggest a good UPS upto 3k.. In my area there is lot of voltage fluctuations and many times the voltage reading in my home meter is below 120 V . When voltage fluctuates , my System turned off and starts again (that is UPS supply stops for some seconds when power fluctuates ) . So I want a ups...
  7. Vyom

    Unable to boot into PC. Fan keeps spinning and stopping in loop

    So finally it happened. My worst nightmare. After I came back from 4 day break, my PC fails to boot. I have described the problem before too.. And I will quote the same here: Today the same problem happened again. PC was not booting. Then when it booted, I was able to do tasks originally...
  8. A

    APC 1KV UPS for Corsair CX600 PSU?

    Hello, I recently built a desktop and got a new battery installed in my 12Year Old Microtek 600V UPS. Now at the time of powercut, the UPS was not able to keep the computer running as it immediately shut down abruptly. However, the UPS was continuously trying to restart the system but it...
  9. J

    Do 1Kva UPS good for 750W PSU

    Ok guys im looking to buy APC 1 Kva UPS and my PSU is Coolermaster 750W does the UPS Power capacity suits the PSU ? im looking to buy this one APC UPS Model: BR1000G-IN 1 KVA Built in Battery - Buy APC UPS Model: BR1000G-IN 1 KVA Built in Battery Online at Low Price in India -
  10. X

    Need Smart UPS

    Hey guys, I need a smart ups , a ups which i can connect to my PC via usb for auto shutdown when battery low. Preferring cheap 600VA UPS , any brand. Will buy online/locally which ever cheaper
  11. J

    Power Fluctuation PC Random restart - plse help

    hey folks so ok guys last 30 days im having this wired problem my PC restarts randomly i can't predict when it happens its just so random i cant find which one causing the problem whethers its UPS Or PSU Or Main Power supply heres my PC full specification AMD FX 8350 Cooler Master 750 w...
  12. R

    Power Strip/Surge Protector vs UPS

    Hi, i have a seasonic S12ii 620W PSU. i want to know if frequent (2-3 times a day) power outages damage hardware and if i really need a UPS as i am not really concerned with data loss and only want to protect my hardware or can i use some inexpensive Power Strip/Surge Protector instead. I...
  13. B

    UPS And PSU with APFC

    only just discovered the reason for my new apc BU800va not working, (with corsair vs550 psu) not supplying power when switching over to inverter is this simulated sine wave/active PFC in psu mess. i had the similar problem with old iball ups first it was fine but overtime it wasn't. the more i...
  14. Shah

    UPS suggestion

    I have the following config and looking for cheap UPS solution that would give me a backup of 5 minutes. My budget is around ₹2k (Let me know if the budget has to be extended). i5-4440 + Gigabyte GA-H81M-S Asus GTX960 2GB DDR5 Strix OC Antec VP550P 1 x WD Blue HDD and 1 x WD Green HDD
  15. T

    PSU+UPS compatibility

    Hi friends, I am planning to buy a Seasonic S12ii 520w but I have come across multiple threads telling the need for a pure sine wave UPS to support it. This has me confused so should I buy a very costly pure sine wave UPS (not possible) or should I go for a less reliable PSU like corsair GS600...
  16. V

    Seasonic S12II 520W, NO backup on APC UPS

    Hi everyone For past few days I face an issue with my APC 1100 VA UPS backup i.e when the mains AC power goes off the UPS doesn't give any backup and directly goes OFF giving a long beep. Earlier I thought its a UPS issue so to cross check, I got a friends Numeric 1KVA UPS but here also I...
  17. Allu Azad

    Need UPS

    So I am looking to buy a UPS (800VA). My current config (i54460,Asus h97me,Seasonic520W,GT 240,4gb ram). I think this requires only 600va ups but I may upgrade graphics card. That is why looking for 800va. Many sites/sellers do not ship to kerala. After some searches I have shortlisted APC...
  18. S

    UPS Required

    Hi Everyone, I have a Numeric UPS 600 V A and it stopped working properly. My configuration is already given in my signature. Can you suggest a UPS which I can get?
  19. V

    Query about APC UPS BR-600Ci-IN

    Hi mates, I have a APC BR600-CI IN UPS purchased about 1.5 years ago, suddenly UPS doesnt give backup at all, I tried to charge the battery for 10 Hrs (by keeping the UPS in OFF mode, only Main Power is outlet ON) but still no result. So I contacted APC tech support and the guy told me that we...
  20. M

    Corsair PSU and APC UPS comaptibility and max load possible

    I am planning to get Corsair RM650 PSU for my rig and I have APC Back-UPS RS 1000 running it. I wanna know if the new PSU will be compatible with my UPS. Also what's the max PSU rating my UPS will be able to handle? My UPS is now 10 years old.
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