PSU Restarts when UPS Switches.

    Hello, Since few weeks my PC is unexpectedly restarting or hangs and I'm unable to figure out the fault. Of course mains is not stable these days but it always happens when the UPS switches from battery to mains when the power is restored. Even if I manually switch OFF and ON, the PC restarts...
  2. patkim

    Using Extension box at UPS output

    As per what APC recommends, you should not connect extension box/surge protector to the output of APC home UPS. Is there any real harm in doing that? Has anyone used it in that way? I am likely to purchase a 600VA UPS for my desktop. I will be connecting desktop, monitor & router to it. I can...
  3. S

    UPS or inverter for Gaming PC ?

    I have seasonic s12ii 430 SMPS, LED monitor, one ADSL modem. I am a web developer and sometimes a sudden blackout destroys hours of work!! I had iBall 600va UPS, it was my old PC's. After upgrading to a gaming PC, the iBall couldn't give backup for even a second. Should I buy a UPS ? or add...
  4. ssb1551

    New APC UPS didn't even give a back up of 2 seconds

    Hi Guys, I just upgraded most of the components of my PC. I got a new motherboard - MSI 970A-G43, 2 new Kingston HyperX FURY DDR3 1866MHz RAM modules, a Kingston UV400 240GB SSD, a Cooler Master Hyper 103 CPU Cooler, a SEASONIC S12II 620W SMPS, Antec GX505 cabinet. Other than these new...
  5. D

    Is it safe to keep UPS connect to power supply all time

    Guys is it safe to keep UPS connected to power supply all time. Will there be any damage to the battery or battery may blowup due to overcharge?
  6. U

    LCD monitor flickering when Printer is switched on

    I have an 22 inch BenQ LCD monitor, Model VW2245 and a Ricoh SP210 SU -USB Laser printer (900 watts). I have been observing a strange behaviour with my monitor. Whenever I switch on the printer the screen flickers on the monitor or the display switches off and on. The distance between the...
  7. RageshAntony

    Please suggest me ups below Rs.3000 ..

    I am buying UPS for my old pc. my config is DG41RQ motherboard intel quad core Q8400 2 x 2GB DDR2 RAMs 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD Nvidia 730 GDDR5 GPU my ups is malfuctioning and I am going to change it. Please suggest me a good ups. My priorities are :: 1.should not restart on...
  8. GhorMaanas

    PC boots for 2-3 seconds then shuts down

    Hello. this i discovered the day before y'day. my newly assembled HTPC, i booted it, but before reaching the BIOS screen, it shut down. powered up again, same thing. repeated a few times. a night before that the power of my home had tripped twice. i believe it has something to do with it (dont...
  9. D

    UPS restarting pc

    I have a UPS which keeps restarting the pc. Its iball company and more than 2 years old. I kept the UPS aside due to this problem, i thought it was a battery issue (battery was replaced last year ) but today i reconnected the UPS and the same problem, it keeps restarting the pc. I happens when...
  10. C

    UPS for around 2k?

    So I'm going to assemble a PC soon,Which will take around 150watt under full load with LED monitor. I also have a microtek 800va inverter at home but it has no UPS or shine wave tech. I want to buy a UPS to avoid sudden shutdown and system will run off inverter thereafter. So I think...
  11. giprabu

    Suggest me a new PSU..

    Kindly suggest me a new PSU. My present PSU is 5 year old. Planning to upgrade my GPU to Gtx 960 and RAM to 8 GB. Also my UPS capacity is 600 VA, which is unable to support the present 600w psu when power goes off. I guess 600w is too large for my config. So, reducing the wattage should...
  12. M

    Suggest a UPS for this build

    I'm going to build a gaming PC specs: i5 4460, gtx 970,8 GB DDR3,Corsair RM550 watt but i'm a little skeptical about the ups as i've heard PSU with active pfc don't work with modified sine wave ups,anybody here using modified sine wave ups(microtek,APC) with corsair PSU? I'm planning to buy...
  13. S

    cant decide between Ups and Inverter for many reasons.

    Hello folks! So long story short , a couple weeks ago some wires crossed in my building , I guess the neutral and phase wire and caused a voltage of 440v and it caused my mobo and speakers and iPod to fry.the electrician checked the ground and earthing and all was OK .I also know that it...
  14. giprabu

    Need a UPS & PSU under 4k.. Suggestions please..

    Guys, please suggest me a PSU and UPS under 4k.. My config: * Amd Phenom II X6 1055T * Gigabyte GA-880GM USB3 * WD Caviar Green 500GB (will be adding one more 500GB soon) * Power Color Radeon HD5770 * Benq G2220HD 21.5 FHD * Transcend 2 x 2GB stick DDR3- 1333Mhz Presently using...
  15. V

    UPS for PS4

    Hi, I recently brought a PS4 and now looking forward to buy a UPS for it. Can someone suggest a good UPS under 2.5k. Thanks, Vicky
  16. patkim

    Some basic technical doubts about UPS

    Friends..I have some basic questions about UPS, would be glad to seek clarification on following The rating of UPS is shows as VA / Watts. say 600VA / 360W. However I am unable to get layman understanding of this term VA. Does it mean it can provide 230V x 2.6A = 600 VA? If so will it get...
  17. Chetan1991

    Looking for a 1kva UPS for 4-5k

    I am looking for a UPS with at least 1kva capacity. Something that can run my laptop (90w peak) for at least 6 hours. Is there a decent model available in 4-5k range? Will a UPS of such capacity be able to handle a desktop with 600w+ PSU for a ~10 minutes after a few years? Should I buy a UPS...
  18. K

    Need help in choosing ups

    My current ups(numeric600va) ups is not giving back up.while gaming if the power cuts it shuts down immediately,I need a ups for my rig,i need atleast 10min back up,my max budget is 5k. Thank you
  19. Faun

    APC Battery Replacement 1.1kVA UPS

    My UPS batteries are gone. Using only surge protector now. Anyone has any experience with replacing APC UPS battery. UPS is out of warranty. APC Back-UPS 1100VA, AVR, 230V, ASEAN|APC I will be picking up Exide batteries. Will post here if I don't get any replies. There are the 2 batteries...
  20. sahil1033

    Upgrading my system, need help

    I am planning to upgrade my current rig. Following are the current specs: Proccy: i3-2100 @ 3.1 GHz Mobo: Intel H67 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500 GB + Seagate Barracuda 2 TB RAM: 2 X 1 GB DDR3 @ 1333 MHz + Kingston Value RAM 4 GB @ 1333 MHz PSU: Corsair GS600 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 750Ti UPS...
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