Problem with 600VA UPS during Gaming!


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Hi guys,
So I recently got my hands on a GTX750Ti & VS550. So I removed my age old HD4670 & generic 400W PSU and installed them both. I have this UPS from CyberPower which is rated at 600VA and it works fine even after I installed GTX750Ti.

Now I have to tell you guys, that, in my home, we have voltage fluctuation and it gets pretty annoying. Without a UPS, working in PC will be impossible.

So things were going good till I had my 4670 and even after GTX750Ti installation. But when I play games and voltage fluctuate, then bam! UPS makes some weird Tak!Tak noise and PC will just shut down. Now as I said earlier, voltage fluctuation is pretty common in our place and it happens very often, which I feel is not good and so I stopped playing games. Now I need help/suggestion from you guys, regarding what should I do? How can I proceed?

Is it an issue with UPS? Is it really not capable of handling the full load of this PC even for a min?
Or do I need to keep it in charge mode always? What i do is, I always turn on UPS only before I start my PC! Is that right?

Please help me out guys. I recently bought this UPS only because of the voltage issue and now I don't want to risk my GPU get fried because of this!


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When you are gaming then GPU is working at full speed and thus taking the power needed. Your UPS is not able to handle that and when power goes down it makes that weird noise and shuts down.

Also if you only power on UPS just before turning ON PC then it also might be problem as UPS wouldn't be charged at its full capacity thus can't handle the system at full load.

Keep UPS ON all the time and see if the problem persists. If it does then I guess your UPS is just not powerful enough to handle that GPU load.


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Ok guys. Going to check what you said by today. Let's see what is the exact problem.

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i also face similar problem some times. i use an ancient pc. at times when voltage fluctuates / power cut - comes back immediately then it is unable to handle and pc restarts. i don't have any display card, its an ancient 915 chipset board with P4, 1 HDD only, a 20inch monitor.
may be its a problem in cyberpower ups or in a specific lot
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