1. pratyush997

    UPS delivery guy steals FedEx iPad delivery, but it all gets caught on camera [Troller Trolled]

    Every holiday season many people around the country order Christmas gifts that have to be delivered via FedEx or UPS. That means it’s not uncommon for both the FedEx and UPS drivers to be turning up at your house on the same day for some people. If you’ve ever suspected that delivery guys might...
  2. abhi_10_20

    My rig's power related queries - need new PC UPS?

    People, I had been using my system till now with no probs. But am smelling something fishy here. Feel free to bash me anywhere! PSU is FSP Saga II - 500 W My sys has GTX 660 - which has a minimum power req of 450 W I had been using APC Back-UPS ES 500 which outputs 300 Watts / 500 VA ( !!!!! )...
  3. Sudh4r

    UPS Issue

    This is my System's Power Connection. Power Outlet-->Stabilizer-->UPS-->CPU and Monitor. 1. When ever I turn on the UPS the CPU boots and in 2 seconds the UPS goes into Battery Backup mode (it stops getting the power from Power outlet) and then it restarts, so does the CPU. So what might...
  4. P

    Confused about the uses of a UPS

    hi...I am going to buy a 1KVA or 800VA UPS from APC,,,,My mother is willing to pay the money but she says that is the UPS useful when the lights go OFF in other home appliances other than PC....if it is she will pay the money....please help me out...I don't know about that...Thanks in Advance....
  5. P

    UPS buying guide

    hello....everyone i want to buy a UPS for my pc in range of 1500-2500 Rs, which could give back up time of at least 15 min more would not harm:-o.......i dont know anything of UPS ......Please help........Thanks in Advance....
  6. R

    [Praise] APC - After Sales Service

    I had bought an APC 1.1KVA UPS on August 2011. From last week onwards, the UPS was not taking load. Even though i had 2 years warranty, i misplaced my bill :). I contacted APC India by mail inquiring if I can still get the warranty without the bill. Initially, i got the reply that bill is a...
  7. B

    APC UPS. not working

    hi. i am after pulling a old ups out of storage and trying to get it working again. its a APC smart ups 700 series. model no. su700inet. when i plug in the ups (with & without load) the overload light comes on and the ups emits a loud tone. the battery has two bars left in it and the fuse is...
  8. A

    UPS problem

    i am having an inverter inaddition having an 1100va apc ups... it was working when the power came after shut down my ups dropped with continuous beep sound. my cpu ve 650watts corsair smps. but till date had no overload prob.. so i disconnected the ups from power cord and seen...
  9. I

    UPS for Corsair TX 750 W

    Hello i am planning to buy UPS for my 2 year old system. config (Corsair TX 750W) CM Storm Enforcer cabinet with 2 x 200mm fans & 1x 120 mm rear fan Intel i7 870 GA H57M USB3 CM hyper 212 evo MSI GTX 570 TF3 ( may do a sli or go for a upgrade in future) 2 x 4 GB gskill ram (planning...
  10. R

    Which UPS to not want to spend much

    Please suggest the power of the UPS required for below config: Moniter - ViewSonic 1928wm Processor - i7 2600k 3.50Ghz RAM - 8GB DDR3 MotherBoard - GA-H67M-D2-B3 2 HDD - 1TB (total) GPU - 4670 HD Other connected Devices: 1 Wifi Router 1 Modem Planning to replace: GPU - ATI...
  11. R

    UPS & Price Suggestion For My Rig

    Hello, Thanks a lot for helping me suggest a rig for my PC. The final rig decided is, AMD 3 GHz FM1 uPGA A8 3870K Processor Gigabyte A55M-DS2 Motherboard NZXT Gamma Cabinet Corsair Vengeance DDR3 4 GB 1333MHz Corsair PSU-430CXV2 I have DVD writer, HDD etc already. What UPS should...
  12. doomgiver

    need a solid UPS

    system requirements : Should run 2 mid-end rigs at idle loads (500W + 600W PSU's)or at least a single rig with 600W psu at full load. im guessing that the wattage of the psu is related to what ups we buy... around 2.5k.... list the items, and i'll pick the one i like the most.
  13. S

    Can I keep UPS so close to my PC ?

    I know that we should not keep sub-woofers near our PC , is there any similar issue if we use UPS so close to PC ? its an iBall 621V and runs more than 10 hours / day
  14. virajk

    Extremely Confused about UPS *URGENT*

    I am buying a new system, however I already have a Power Supply and Gfx card. My config will have these major power drawing components GTX 460 - 160 Watts Intel i3 2120/2100 - 65 Watts Monitor: 20" Other components being the same with maybe a TV tuner and a cpu cooler. My power supply is...
  15. S

    UPS related doubt...

    I bought iball 621v (no discussion on the ups model/brand please...) It has three 3 pin plugs right behind it. My doubt is , if I use a power stripe/spike guard (just to extend the cable length) and connect all my devices to only one of these 3 plugs , if there any issue with that ? in...
  16. A

    PSU Seasonic s12ii 620w work on 600 va ups ?

    Hello, Please help me in selecting psu wanted to buy seasonic s12ii 620w Need to know will it run good with my UPS Luminous Vista 600 VA is my UPS and i don't know weather it have Simulated sine wave or pure sine wave or something required to support the seasonic s12ii 620w psu...
  17. S

    iball ups 621V is it good ?

    iball ups 621V is available in my place for RS 1800 . other available brands are Frontech and V-guard. iball ups 621V is it good ???
  18. H

    Which UPS to buy??

    I am facing lot of voltage fluctucations in my area ... Kindly suggest me which UPS to buy?? My Specs are: Intel Core i3 540 4gb ram 500 gb hard disk Zotac GTS 450 1gb Corsair CX 430 v2 If possible suggest the prices and from where i can buy online/offline. Im based in Mumbai
  19. anirbandd

    UPS suggestion for GFX & PSU upgrade

    I am planning to upgrade to a HD7750 card. i am currently on a crappy PSU. so i will be upgrading to a Corsair 430cxv2. the main problem lies with my UPS. i bought around a month back. its a BR600CI.. its 360 Watts / 600 VA. there is absolutely no question of replacing it so soon. now the...
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