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  1. MysticHalo

    Upgrade or buy a new 1 ??

    I have a HP pAvilion that i bought back in 2k1. nOw its obselete. I have P3,256MBSDRAM, 30GB HDD,Intel 82810E motherboard (chipset actually),onboard graphics, a crAp CRT monitor,PCI slots---my question is, should i upgrade this or should i buy a new computer? Jus' look below for how my new...
  2. B

    Which UPS ?? What rating ??

    i would like to buy a new UPS for my PC.so i would like to know what rating to select .i hav been using a 500 va tvs ups so far.and i wuld be upgrading my pc shortly ,so will a 500 va ups be sufficient or should i go for a higher rating one . i might be upgrading to SLI based config .Also...
  3. H

    USB 1.1 to USB 2.0

    Hello All... My friend has USB 1.1 support on his PC, tranferring files on which is a real pain due to the slow speed of the 1.1 interface. My question is that whether one can upgrade to USB 2.0 just by upgrading the drivers or is there some hardware requirement as well? If its just...
  4. M

    best agp card of 3-4.5k

    I own intel 3ghz pro,intel 865gbf mb,ati radeon 7000ve agp card.I donot get satisfactory performance of hl2,far cry,etc.I need a best agp card upto 4.5k which can play doom3,ut2004,far cry smoothly.Will upgrading my mb to gigabyte 8I915G Duo make a better option?My ram is 256mb. :mrgreen:
  5. john_the_ultimate

    using pirated xp?

    I have heard that using internet with prirated xp causes problems which dosen't occur with win98 or win2000. I have been using legal version of win98 se for 3 years and I was thinking of upgrading to xp, but the vendor told me that there is no need to waste money on legal version as there is no...
  6. S

    Upgrading to p4

    Hi I am upgrading to p4 2.4 Ghz from p3 800mhz Please suggest me motherboard which has inbuilt sound card and maybe graphic card(with 32MB onboard shared) which is cheap also. I found Mercury motherboard P1845GVM AGP V5.0A (478Pins) & Gigabyte P4 Titan GA-8STXC Regarding cabinets minimum...
  7. F

    selling or upgrading???

    friends how much i got from my PC... P3 1ghz 256 sd ram Intel 815 based Gigabyte M/B Creative SB live sound card... ATi WDM (all in wonder) AGP video card.. 14" LG Studio works moniter samsung DVD combo drive....(52x,36x,52x) with extra CD ROM(mercury 56x) with UPS, desktop...
  8. J

    Help required upgrading 845GBV based PC

    Hello, I have Intel P4 1.6 GHz CPU, Original Intel 845GBV motherboard, 128MB DDR 266 RAM, LG CD Writer. It slows down often when I am using Eclipse 3 or playing some games and running other applications. To speed it up I am thinking of upgrading RAM to 512MB/1GB and also CPU to P4-2.4...
  9. J

    am unable to view videos

    hey techies out here, i got a celeron 400mhz, 256 mb ram, and an oaktech oti 64111 graphics card, i am not able to view videos, the videos are very jerky, is it because of my bad pc config or is it because of bad graphics card, will upgrading my graphics card solve the problem. plz...
  10. KoRn


    hey guys i wanna ask yall the price for upgrading my pc i dont have a budget but i want to spend not more than 6000rs.i wanna increase my 128 sdram to 256 ram, 20gb to 80 gb,nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 pro to an intel graphics card that can support doom3,nfsu2 and callof duty united offensive. you...
  11. S

    Windows Longhorn

    Is windows longhorn worth upgrading to from Win XP Pro edition?? If it is better then can Windows XP & Plus for Windows XP challenge windows longhorn???
  12. S

    Upgrading doubts

    i have a 3Ghz Nothwood PRocessor withe the intel 865GBF mother board and 1Gb of DDR 400MHz Ram My graphics Card is a Ati Radeon 9800 Pro and the hard disk is a 80Gb SATA Maxtor Hard disk Thing is that i'm interested in upgrading my sys but i don't know what to change should i change my...
  13. M

    Pls suggest a Config!

    Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading my PC. Please suggest me some config within 22K :!: The parts which I'm not upgrading are: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, CD-RW. [I'm a gamer :) ] Pls include a DVD-ROM too!
  14. W

    well...******SORRY******for kirtimaan's query...

    10 pc's with 10/100mbps LAN...i think if u do a remote boot , ur network speed will be "RAM BHAROSE" !! no offence... i have a better option if ur diskless workstations wont be upgrading and s/w's. I mean if u r going to configure them once.. should i proceed? ******ERR.. this was for...
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