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  1. jaimin100

    lenevo g510 gaming problem

    hello mates, i recently purchased lenevo g510(i5,1tab,6 ram) but even unable to play nfs underground :P there is preinstalled win8.1 shall i format to win 7?
  2. K

    Requesting split ac installation for semi underground room.

    Hi, I live in a small town near tirupur, tamilnadu. I am planning to start ENT clinic in a prominent location but could get only a semi underground Hall. The Hall has no windows and the consultation room is planned at the rear end of the Hall by partitioning. Room dimension will be 15×20...
  3. coderunknown

    [COMING SOON] NFS: Underground

    source. in case you wonder who is the developer, do a blind guess.
  4. V

    Backup: Need For Speed Underground 2

    How can I backup my profile in Need For Speed Underground 2 that means how can I create a copy of my profile so that my work doesnot get lost..!! I had suceesfully baked up no need to reply..!! Thanks in advance I also want to know that why my post (reply) is Automerged. Is there any way...
  5. V

    Need For Speed Underground 2

    Hi Friends, I am playing Need For Speed Underground 2. I am in Stage 3. I had completed all my shown races in World Map. But I was not automatically transferred to the next level i.e. Stage 4. I am confused why this is happening.? Please reply if you know the solution...!!
  6. Gigacore

    NFS Underground 2 100% Completion Save File is here!!!

    Hi, any one can download my 100% Completion Save File, It has 289,000 Bank, 3 Career Cars, Moded to its max performance. Download and replace the save file in the x:\Document and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\NFS Underground 2\"User Name" For example: c:\Document and...
  7. rajasekharan

    Joe Nishizawa: Japan’s underground photography

    A enormous underground tunnel that runs through 40metres under the Hibiya Junction Tokyo or an underground dome that lies 500metres below deep in the mountains of Gunma…? In Japan unimaginably large spaces underneath our ground level lives exist. Even beyond the high walls of nuclear power...
  8. S

    NFS underground prob.

    I have recently installed NFS underground 1, it was working fine for sometime, but after some time, the game automatically closed and shows an error message. what shud i do? This happened when the first time i launched the game. After that whenever i start the game and press start race, the game...
  9. S

    NFS underground 2 prob.

    I have downloaded the save file of honda civic from nfscars.net, in the read me file it is given that: Hi there ! Unzip this file in your NFS UG2 savegame directory, the default is as follows : "C:\Documents and Settings\<<user name>>\Application Data\NFS Underground 2" but i dont find the...
  10. bkpeerless

    bike game like nfs underground

    are there any bike racing games like underground where racing is on streets, nitrous,gang,costomizing. something like underground for cars.
  11. blueshift

    Advice on creating good webpages

  12. N

    Old Games Worth Playing

    i just got some old games listed below from a relative who was throwing them away, please tell which games r good and worth playing 1) Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 2) Simgolf 3) Hidden and Dangerous 4) Robinhood:The Legend Of Sherwood 5) Myst III Exile 6) Warcraft III and Frozen...
  13. Official Techie

    I have a question

    i am using PIV 2.02 GHz 512 ddr ram two 40 gb hdd and a nvidia tnt2 16 mb video card in this card i cannot play any good games like underground but when i got the card out from pc installed the latest driver for inbuilt motherboard many games started now i can very easily play...
  14. abhinavrakesh

    Best Modified Customized Cars in Underground 2 Take a look

    Here I uploaded My Cars to This site www.flickr.com it is easy and fast you can upload your Underground 2 Car Customization to this site just signup for free or if you have yahoo email account you dont have to signup. Click on this link to See My Underground 2 Cars...
  15. D

    will NFS UNDERGROUND and NFS Most Wanted run on a notebook

    I have a month old Compaq Presario V2000 model notebook. I was wondering if NFS Underground and NFS Most Wanted would run on my system. The notebook has 256mb RAM, Windows XP with sp1 and sp2, the motherboard has Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS,910GML exp (as it is shown in the configuration). The...
  16. speedyguy

    Need For Speed Challenge

    well i guess i found nfs most wanted d coolest game from ea need for speed series....also appreciated hp2, high stakes at times....n still i play nfs2SE on dial-up wit my frnds.... but im hearing this underground 2 som ppl think is more kooler than mw....is it really....i havnt played ung...
  17. D

    NFS Underground Problem

    hey guys i have given my machine configuration below . my problem is that i could not play NFS underground . the text texts apear garbled and i cannot see the menu . but the same cd works fine in my friends system. please tell me whether i dont meet the requirements . or is it a problem with the...
  18. karthik55859

    need Cheat for NFS underground

    hi I need cheat code for unlimited money and unlimited style points for need for speed Underground game,,,i have searched many web sites for the particular cheat could not get one,,,so is there a cheat for this or not,,,, i found cheats for all circuits and cars but could'nt for...
  19. C

    cant buy my first car in nfs underground 1, please help

    in nfs underground 1, underground mode i cant buy the car after winning the first race, i will be presented a list of cars and i have $10,000 in bank but i just cant buy the car and hence cant progress.......anyone please help...
  20. nagarjun_424

    Need for Speed Underground 2 - Installation help required!

    Hi! I have the ORIGINAL copy of NFS Underground 2! I was installing it and after 100% it gives me an error that a file called sdat.viv cannot be copied and I have to uninstall the whole game! I have to cancel the installation process! It installs well in my cousins computer! My computer...
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