1. Vyom

    Linux Discussion Thread

    Admin Edit: As @Vyom predicted, this thread's name has been changed from "Do you use Linux OS as daily driver?" to "Linux Discussion Thread" since the discussion has veered off to discussing Linux in general. The name of this thread is subject to change, since right now I don't know where we...
  2. P

    Unable to boot from Ubuntu Bootbale USB; Kali login stuck in.

    I own an ASUS GL552VW. I wanted to learn how to work in hadoop which requires Linux to be installed on. I used rufus to create a Ubuntu 16.10 64 bit bootable pendrive. However when I boot from the disk and select install Ubuntu or try ubuntu, it gets stuck at the loading screen. I then tried...
  3. S

    Temp PC config for 10-15k

    My Dell XPS l502x laptop died and I need a rig for a few months until the new macbook pro comes out. A desktop should do for now (I've been anyway using my laptop as a desktop and it's been ages since I removed the power cord). Here are my answers to the new build questionnaire: 1. What is the...
  4. meetdilip

    Ubuntu 16.04 will go stable today

    Ubuntu 16.04 will be available as stable download from today. Anyone planning to upgrade ?
  5. meetdilip

    Can EasyBCD recover Ubuntu after installing Windows 10

    I am planning to install Windows 10 alongside Ubuntu. Is it possible to use EasyBCD and recover Ubuntu installation ? EasyBCD site says it is Windows 10 and UEFI ready.
  6. Desmond

    Microsoft and Canonical partner to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10

    What the hell is Microsoft up to? Source: ​Microsoft and Canonical partner to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10 | ZDNe
  7. Y

    Overheating laptop in Ubuntu

    One fine day I decided to install Ubuntu on my Asus Zenbook pro UX501J laptop.Before installing I tried taking a system image of my hard disk using default windows 10 system image creator.Even after going on foe almost 6 hours,it showed an error message and failed to create a system...
  8. B

    Not able to copy discs

    Hi Guys, I was trying to copy a disc with Ubuntu in a Windows XP Pc using Nero. But I am getting this error after the disc is copied in the system- *oi63.tinypic.com/dowil0.jpg The original disc is a Mmore disc. I tried copying in Mmore's disc itself along with Sony's blank disc but I...
  9. dissel

    Is it possible to install Windows after installing Ubuntu ?

    As the title suggesting I want to install Windows but I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.03 in my Laptop and don't want to loose any of it - If I install Windows may I loose the Ubuntu installation. I have 448.4 GB of NTFS partition under sda5 where I like to install the Windows, but my question after...
  10. T

    Ubuntu not Booting after Graphic Card Update

    I recently changed my Gfx from 560Ti to GTX 960. And since then whenever I try to start Ubuntu it hangs on the start up screen. Windows runs fine. I can boot through Recovery Option to Terminal but apart from that nothing. Please help. Not very well versed with Linux yet so step by...
  11. clmlbx

    ubuntu installation

    well I am finally trying to install ubuntu on my hard-drive(no virtual machine). So I need help ok let me share first what I have and what I want in end. I have 2 hard disk 500GB and 1TB say new one just made one partition for now of 150GB out of 1 TB so it still has unallocated/free space...
  12. T

    Ubuntu Not Boot Loader Vanished.

    Hello, My PC Specs are in Signature. I had Win 7 SP1 Installed on the SSD. Then Installed latest Ubuntu Version. Worked fine for 2-3 weeks then the boot loader vanished. System boots in Win 7 Directly. I have the boot Disc with me. Kindly let me know how to fix and What may have...
  13. H

    How to Monitor Network Traffic through Wireless Router at Home

    Hello, I have a ADSL UTStarcom WA3002G4 router/modem at home. As I am new to computers / softwares so please forgive me if the answer is too obviously simple. I would like to see/monitor in real time, the network traffic (i.e. websites visited) through my router. I use WiFi internet for...
  14. B

    Lenovo Z5070 with Ubuntu 15.04 doesnot wakeup after suspend

    Hi I have a Lenovo Z5070 running Ubuntu 15.04. It throws a blank screen while waking up from sleep and doesnot not allow resuming. Anyone else facing this issue?
  15. G

    How to dual-boot Windows 10 Insider preview on ubuntu machine?

    I have dell laptop running ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. (i3, 4gb) Wanna run Win 10 IP too. Can someone list down the steps so that i don't bungle it up.
  16. Vyom

    How Ubuntu screwed me over and why I still love it

    Following is first hand account on loosing all my Data on a 1 TB disk due to a Ubuntu bug and it's recovery --------- As humans, memories have a special place in our heart. Nothing can prepare us if something goes wrong and god forbid you lose them. It’s hard but imagine losing months of snaps...
  17. Nerevarine

    Elementary OS - A fork from Ubuntu distro

    Anyone tried this out ? It looks so much like Mac OS while maintaining the awesomeness of linux .. I am bored with ubuntu so im considering trying this out on my notebook.. *www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYrobaenFCc
  18. C

    Bioshock Infinite Now available for Linux

    Bioshock Infinite now available for Linux/Ubuntu. Yesterday i logged in to Windows 7, take backup of Bioshock Infinite. Restored on my Ubuntu 14.04, it did not need much download, working properly on Ubuntu with GTX 750 TI GPU. Borderland 2 already working properly on Ubuntu, if this...
  19. Shah

    Cross-Platform Wireless USB Adapter??

    Hi, there I am at present using D-Link DWA123B1 USB Adapter to connect my desktop to my home WiFi network. But, the thing is it doesn't seem to work on Ubuntu/other Linux distros. I have already tried all the workarounds to make it work on Ubuntu. So, I have finally given up and decided to...
  20. C

    Ubuntu Supported Hardware - 3G Data Card

    I am looking to get 3G BSNL connection. I do have Idea NetSetter, that is locked to their SIM. So i am planing to get a 3G data card (3G Dongle/Pen drive) and use it with BSNL SIM, so i can use it with other providers if needed. Is there a List of hardware that is compatible with Ubuntu ? I...
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