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Overheating laptop in Ubuntu


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One fine day I decided to install Ubuntu on my Asus Zenbook pro UX501J laptop.Before installing I tried taking a system image of my hard disk using default windows 10 system image creator.Even after going on foe almost 6 hours,it showed an error message and failed to create a system image.Although I went ahead and installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop with windows in dual boot sucessfully.Now when I boot into Ubuntu,I see that my laptop now heats much more than before.Even under light usage,the core temperatures reach 65 C in 10 minutes and on playing a 4k video only the cpu temperatures crossed 70 C mark even though I set the fans to run at their max speed.While using windows I see,that my laptop heats more than before but still considerably less than in Ubuntu although temperatue remains above 60 C.I dont know if this is because of the fact that my laptop stayed at considerable high temperature while I tried taking a system image for 6 hours which may have damaged the internals.Or is it because of a problem with the drivers in Ubuntu or something else?


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Don't think it's a problem with Ubuntu. What you should do is get the laptop serviced and have a proper cleanup of the internals(you can too it too if you're familiar with opening your laptop) and also really TIM.

But honestly 70c isn't "that" high for laptops and they're able to sustain somewhat more heat quite easily.


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Laptops always heat up more in Ubuntu. The primary reason for this is not the best graphics drivers. You can disable dGPU which works most of the time.

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But it didn't work in my case. But once I disabled hardware acceleration in Chrome, everything was soo silent.

And what thetechfreak said, get your laptop cleaned and serviced once every two years, without fail.
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