How to dual-boot Windows 10 Insider preview on ubuntu machine?


I have dell laptop running ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. (i3, 4gb) Wanna run Win 10 IP too. Can someone list down the steps so that i don't bungle it up.


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preferably do it in Virtual Machine. Look for VMWare Player for Linux (free for personal / non commercial use).
Create a virtual machine and install therein.


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Since you have laptop, replacing HDD wont be an option. Installing Ubuntu over windows works well as ubuntu bootloader detects the windows entries easily. Vice versa will probably leave you with no option to boot into ubuntu unless you reinstall GRUB

Preferably install on a separate HDD other than the one where Ubuntu is installed. Disconnect ubuntu hdd when you install. Otherwise you run the chances of overwriting ubuntu bootloader.

Once you have installed on separate HDD. Just set either of the HDDs as first boot device and manually update the new os entry (in grub if you choose ubuntu hdd as the first boot device, otherwise if you select windows hdd as first boot device then use bcdedit to add new os details). Adding entries require certain level of expertise. If you are not sure then let us know.
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