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  1. patkim

    How to type this in Devnagrai - Google Input Marathi

    I have installed Google Input Marathi to type in Devnagri letters on my Windows 7 PC. Good part is that it's phonetic in nature i.e. you type the Marathi/Hindi pronunciation in English and it converts properly. e.g. typing 'helo' converts it to हेलो However I have a tough time getting to type...
  2. S

    Does anyone here use Wireless KB? what is your thoughts on Logitech MK345?

    i have read many reviews for wireless KB (in general) and the most common complain was delay in typing/unresponsiveness of the receiver. some complained about low battery life. what has been your experience so far? which one would you recommend around 4-5 thousand rs.? here is the link...
  3. SaiyanGoku

    Application or plugin for typing in hindi

    Hi, My mother is a Hindi teacher and she needs to type the question papers for exams. Please suggest a freeware (if possible) or MS office 2010/2013 plugin which can help her learn Hindi typing. OS: Windows 10 Home x64 Thanks in advance
  4. mikael_schiffer

    Portable Laptop advice

    I know a lot about performance laptops, cuz they are interesting . However, i have very little knowledge about ultra portable notebooks, so i need some help. So you see, UGC NET results just came out, got qualified for JRF and Asst Proffessor so i am going for direct P.hD.. This means lugging a...
  5. ithehappy

    Mechanical gaming & typing keyboard suggestion?

    Hey guys in the market for a new mechanical keyboard, looking to replace my G15. My budget is around ₹ 8000. Gaming is first priority, however the typing experience should be brilliant. So far I have short-listed two, Logitech G710 CM Storm QuickFire TK. CM is my choice but lack of palm...
  6. srkmish

    How does Nokia get away with crap like Asha Phones?

    I tried a Nokia 305 today which belongs to my sister. The touchscreen is outright horrible. When you are swiping left to right, touches are accidentally registered and you have to press the back button to force close the app. Also, there is a highly noticeable lag while switching screens. Also...
  7. SlashDK

    TVS-e GOLD Keyboard

    TVS GOLD Keyboard Review Review I recently purchased the TVS Gold keyboard seeing the fact that so many people swore by it, but considering that I could not find a very good review, I decided to write one myself. The TVS-e Gold is a mechanical keyboard i.e. one that uses physical switches to...
  8. The Conqueror

    Need a Good Keyboard

    Please suggest me a good mechanical keyboard. I generally like to type very fast. Budget upto 2K. Are mechanical keyboards better for typing? And I don't play games so a gaming keyboard is a no-no.
  9. A

    laptop software ? problem

    i have a toshiba usa made laptop which has started to give some problems like the page not scrolling down,errror in typing( i mean the keys work erratically) .this problem occurs in normal laptop functioning as also while browsing the internet where it becomes impossible to browse.what can be...
  10. lovedonator

    Gaming Keyboard+Mouse+Mousepad

    Hey guys,need a Gaming Keyboard+Mouse+Mosepad. Preferred Brand-Logitech and Razer Usage Scenario-FPS Games(COD,Crysis) & lots of RPG(Skyrim,Witcher,Fallout) Connection Type- Wireless or USB Maximum Budget- Total 10K Would be nice if the keyboard is backlit and comfortable for long hours of...
  11. Bhav

    keyboard for typing

    Which is the best keyboard for typing, should be feather touch and soft, within the price range of Rs.1000/-
  12. s18000rpm

    Portal is free on steam

    Portal is free on steam Go go go Typing from phone :p eurogamer.net/articles/2011-09-16-portal-free-on-steam-until-20th-sept
  13. Z

    Budget laptop for a student

    General Questions 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 20-25k. If everything given below can be taken on by a cheaper laptop, do let me know. I'd lower the budget in that case. 2) What size notebook would you prefer? c. Thin and Light; 13" - 14" screen d. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3)...
  14. pulkitpopli2004

    Review : Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

    Hi guys First time writing a review, and that too for my new keyboard with my new keyboard Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. (Kindly bear if any mistake occur) My KB History – Logitech(Simple Keyboard) –>Amkette KB -> Samsung Multimedia –> Mech. TVS Gold –> Microsoft KB 4000 Let me starts...
  15. M

    Best Nokia Mobile below 8k..

    Hey guys i wanna gift Nokia mobile for 8k to my gf who is die hard Nokia fangirl...My budget is modest 8k.Her requirements r decent audio quality,cam n good typing keypad as we r lot into texting!! ;) plz reply asap i m going to buy on sunday. Regards, Mandar.
  16. R

    Need a good phone under 3k

    Guys plz suggest a good phone under 3k for my GF she has a 5130XM but having so many probs decided to sale it so any good phone in that range needs good battry life soft keypad for typing good music & doesnt hang ...lol she doesnot want nokia(unless its awesome) she has her eye on...
  17. P

    Nokia C5 or Nokia 5230?

    I'm really really confused in which one to buy. Both are almost of same price.. so price tag for both is not an issue. I know the differences and similarities. But whenever I consider C5, another half of brain says 'Touchscreen is the time'. Also being good in typing, gives an edge on typing on...
  18. RavS

    Touch Typing.. help required

    Ever since i started typing i have been using 'hunt and peck' technique to type. But now I have started to practice touch typing to improve my accuracy and speed. Its been about 2 months since i started out and I have memorized the keyboard layout. Currently my speed is around 25 wpm with an...
  19. R

    Python Basics #1 [ n00b Friendly]

    Beginner's Python -Rox If you dont know programming, It is the way in which we tell computer to do something, step by step. Each step is called a command. For example, If we are to make computer drink a tea, the steps are getup from table, go to table and take tea. We should not...
  20. Pragadheesh

    === in MS word

    Hi, While typing in MS word, i accidentally gave === and pressed 'Enter' and i got Two full lines. I know this might be old. But just want to know what other such typing tricks exist.? Not the tricks of the sort '=rand(200,90)' but i want typing tricks that will be useful while doing...
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