Does anyone here use Wireless KB? what is your thoughts on Logitech MK345?


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i have read many reviews for wireless KB (in general) and the most common complain was delay in typing/unresponsiveness of the receiver. some complained about low battery life.

what has been your experience so far? which one would you recommend around 4-5 thousand rs.?

here is the link for Logitech MK345, i m thinking of buying - Buy Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black) Online at Low Prices in India | Logitech Reviews & Rating

PS: not a gamer/writer, just normal web browsing and occasional typing.


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ok. so for the future references i should tell you guys that i have bought Logitech MK345 KB+mouse combo from amazon.

i love this wireless KB. havent experienced any lag or delay. im using it with my asus laptop.

i just have two complains -

1. there is no space/gap b/w f4 and f5 keys. i use these keys as shortcuts while browsing in Firefox.

2. now have to press two keys instead of one (which was the case in my previous 8 yr old compaq KB) to increase the volume while watching a movie.

but overall, i like this KB.

PS: the mouse is shiiit to me because im used to 2000dpi of my current asus gx850 mouse and this one operates at 1000dpi.
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